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  • Jason Jason Sep 7, 2010 23:35 Flag

    Jovanovic - a pile of rubbish?

    I've been thoroughly disappointed with what I've seen from Jovanovic, especially considering he's had more time to work with Roy and the team than some others.

    I'm willing to give him a little bit more time, but a Very short leash because it's perplexing to see him play so well at the world cup vs the likes of Germany, and in Champions League and then be so shockingly out of his depth vs the citizens, and even worse vs west brom of all teams. He was practically invisible and the team didn't get better until the 2nd half when Kuyt went left and he switched right. Maybe that could benefit him, since he's not an out and out left winger and could cut inside on his left as a very poor man's Arjen Robben.

    Makes ya wonder how Rafa or the LFC scouts never saw or got involved in a player like Adam Johnson who City sneezed at and got for 5 million. He could be one of the greatest buys they've made and in the epl for the forseeable future.

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    • To be honest I wouldn't even give him the credit of being hard worker. He just drifts inside all the time leaving the left back very exposed by players like, would you believe it, Adam Johnson.

    • Im pretty sure the fee was £7m plus add ons but either way im sure Chelsea, Arsenal and United were all bitterly dissapointed to miss out as well although I would imagine hes on a decent wage there :)
      I think its a little early to be so damning on Jovanovic and he deserves a little more time. I know he was poor against City but so were many others. We know there is quality there as it has been seen at Standard and on international duty. Hes much quicker and more skillfull then Kuyt so I hope he settles reasonably quickly as he is 29.
      If you pay nothing, what do you want? Ronaldo or Messi?!