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  • Jason Jason Sep 11, 2010 05:21 Flag

    Top 4 Feel ?

    I don't mean to exaggerate the status of the two teams and overlook the fact that it's still early in the season, but does anyone else have a feel about this Birmingham match like it's almost a "big 4" clash? Yes, I understand we didn't even finish close to 4th last year, but generally speaking Liverpool are of that quality, and until they faded at the end, Birmingham really fought tooth and nail for a spot in the top 7.

    Birmingham have actually been very ambitious in the transfer market having brought in about 4-5 decent international players including a good defender, midfielder and very tall striker Zigic, who's like 6'7 and a decent scoring record. They were also denied late in their bid for Nzogbia and repeatedly been interested in Babel. I think they are showing true ambition, they have a solid foundation, solid ownership and Mcleish is as professional and as steady as they come. You cannot overlook the fact they haven't been beaten in their park for 16 matches now, I think? All this, and still a bit of uncertainty of our newer players, some fitness concerns and who will feature Sunday and I have to say I feel as nervous as I did for opening day vs Arsenal.

    I could see any number of out comes from this match, but for good karma's sake I won't mention any. I do have to say that I hope Roy picks a well balanced offensive/defensive team with a slightly attack minded mentality and go for a win, as a Big 4 team should. He has to act big, think big and manage big and the troops will rally and hopefully perform well above Birmingham's level as I have to say we are still truly a class ahead in most positions.

    For any argument's sake, I am not suggesting BHC are going to finish in the top 4, I am simply saying it has a feel of it, and they always punch above their weight against the top teams, especially at home. I think we, LFC at this point are still a bit of an unknown quantity, and that's what's causing me to feel like this is a huge match.
    (On another matter, I have a feeling that at some point, maybe not the start, that both Agger and Skrtel will be on the pitch to deal with Zigic height)

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