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  • Hobsey Hobsey Sep 13, 2010 18:13 Flag

    Teams to face Steau and Manure

    Still feeling a little dissapointed with Sunday but honestly, how many of us were certain we would win going there? As frustrating as it was, in the back of mind I thought we could nick it but for me, it was a point gained.
    Team to face Steau

    Kelly Kyriagkos Skrtel Koncheskey
    Maxi Poulsen Lucas Pacheco
    Babel Ngog

    Subs: Reina, Torres, Gerrard, Meireles, Agger, Carragher, Cole

    Team to face Utd
    Johnson Carragher Agger Koncheskey
    Babel Gerrard Meireles Cole

    Subs: Jones, Jovanovic, Maxi, Lucas, Skrtel, Pacheco, Ngog

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    • ADIDASMALMOS...Yeah with u dont think Maxi has it in fact think he will be down the road come Jan transfer window.

    • I thought he did ok against Steau, he had been awful previously. I think he will take a little while to find his form.

    • With the benefit of having just watched the Steaua game and read many of the posts on the Meireles thread I'm going to suggest this as our starting 11:
      1) Many posts lately about Johnson not defending well and I agree. So, shunt him forward into midfield a la Degen last season. He provides some defensive cover to stop Evra plus he is in position to go forward and make crosses. Hopefully they name Giggs to play wide left, more Carra's speed these days.
      2) Soto gives us a lot at corners and free kicks - more so than anyone else from the back. Plus he is a no nonsense cb.
      3) If we must play a dm (which I personally hate) then it has to be Poulsen.
      4) Cole looked on fire as the link man, every bit as good as Stevie plus it means Stevie goes back into cm where he belongs.
      5) Width on the left could be an issue but I don't see anyone currently worthy of a starting place at lw/lm. Cole and Stevie both wander when allowed so hopefully this will provide enough variety and we have Glen on the right. Until we get Crouch back up top I don't think we need a wide left man, anyway.
      6) A midfield 5 could just see Scholes and co being overrun

    • Team to face Steau
      Kelly Kelly Skrtel Koncheskey
      Maxi Poulsen Meireles Pacheco
      Babel Ngog

      Subs: Reina, Torres, Gerrard, Lucas, Agger, Carragher, Cole

      Team to face Utd
      Johnson Carragher Agger Koncheskey
      Maxi Gerrard Meireles Babel or Jovan

      Subs: Jones, Jovanovic, Maxi, Lucas, Skrtel, Pacheco, Ngog

    • I don't think Berbatov is going to play, they've alwalys used Rooney alone upfront in big games last season. Settling for average players rather than taking a risk on potentially superb ones is a certain path to mediocrity. Oh wait, we already are mediocre.

    • Agree with you on the sink or swim theory. Your right Weeman about it being the same as 2 right footed centre backs, it just sounded odd when it was 2 lefties! I guess the best way to think about who should play is to imagine your Dimitar Berbatov (I know, its a horrible task) and ask yourself would I like to spend 90 mins against this kid or against Jamie Carragher and I am pretty certain of the answer. Along those lines I can almost guarantee that 'individually' and in one vs one situations there is no question that Babel is the player that Gary Neville and Evra would want to avoid most. Not saying he deserves to be in though, despite Maxi and Jova not setting the world alight just yet.

    • Putting a kid in against a big club is really using the sink or swim theory.

      I’d be tempted to play Jovanovic & Pacheco up front against Steaua Bucuresti leaving Babel and Torres as subs keeping them both fresh if un-used for Manure game.

      As we all know Manure’s back four hate pace, seeing Torres cut through them gives me great pleasure!

    • As for picking him against Man u, he would have played them today had he stayed at Rangers! So I don't get it. You've got to start your best players and if they're young like Wilson and Pacheco, you've got to start them at some point anyways. This way, they'll have the experience of playing in big games in a couple of years if and when we'll have some ambition.

    • It's no different than having two right footers play, for example Carra and Skrtel. Wilson is not a ball playing centre half though, he's a regular one with a bit of composure on the ball and usually all left-footers have at least good technique. And Agger should be the left sided one should the 2 play together so he can use his ability to carry out a ball and push forward into midfield easier.

    • To be honest I'm not sure about this one, and I normally hate making guesses (which is what it is) on who should play.

      However I'd like to see a chance given to some of the squad players, and to those new to the club so they get a chance to get in the groove so to speak. Therefore I'd like to see Poulsen, Koncheskey (assuming he's fit, anyone know?), and Meireles. I'd also like to see Cole play so he can be match fit for next weekend, and if we are to play Babel, put him where we expect to actually feature him, so not sure why you have him as a striker mid week, but a winger on the weekend.

      btw, I saw Sunday as a decent result and therefore a point gained, but a poor performance. More work need on the training ground I'd say. Big players did not perform at their best, and new players not fully integrated yet. All is not lost, but we've got to get better, and get better quick.

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