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  • Jason Jason Sep 14, 2010 22:46 Flag

    About Meireles

    Babel can play on the right, so I think you guys are onto to something, and for everyone who's complaining how bad or inconsistent he is, or how he never fullfils his potential.... like it or not, he's probably the most explosive player on the team. So, having said that he does absolutely no good on the bench. And being that he wants to play so badly I'm sure he'd play CB if he was asked to.

    Last year @ west ham we were tied 2-2 and Rafa brought Babel on for Kuyt at rw, and around the 73" mark he made a stop and go that had the left back drop his pants, blew right past him and flick a brilliant little cross over everyone which Torres blasted home with his head for the 3-2 win. So, seeing as he is a right footed player his crossing can certainly improve, and he'd be less inclined to cut inside because he can simply run by people and that alone would open up more room for Glen to come down and really create some genuine pace and space on one half of the field. Torres seems to like to drift to his left alot to shoot and cut across, as well as meet headers, so this is a good thing.

    Maybe whatever lineup Roy puts out, of the names we all seem to be agreeing on of Pepe, Glen Carra Agger Konchesky poulsen Babel Meireles Gerrard Torres Cole can actually develop into a 4-3-3 on the pitch?

    Meireles Poulsen Gerrard
    Babel Torres Cole

    What do you think of that? IMO that's the best 3 man midfield we could play and our 3 most creative attackers (outside of pacheco). If this were Chelsea or Arsenal no questions this would be the formation almost certainly. Meireles speed and creativity plus hard work would aid Poulsen and we know Gerrard can push on from here, make a pass and get back to tackle...