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    About Meireles

    I just recently posted this at the very end of a long threaded post and thought I'd just make it a new topic so it didn't get lost in the mix. This is about Meireles:

    Hey gang, I have a friend from Portugal living in the states who I spoke with this morning via email and he was curious to see how Meireles did since he missed the match and he's not a liverpool fan, but he has been watching Meireles play for years and here is my discussion below via email. FYI this is completely independent of the reasons for Roy choosing not to use him, or his fitness, or his understanding of the language/system, just info on the player: Start from the bottom and work your way up to make sense of it.. You'll see my questions about him, and some thoughts on other players/topics.

    He is a fine club player and did well for Porto over the years, I just think there are more dynamic players for that #8 role on the Portuguese national team. He works hard and is committed, but has below average feet and cannot adapt to a pivot function. My original dislike of him was solely based on the fact that there were better options on the NT. That being said, he grew on me and was dedicated.

    Hulk plays just off the striker and mainly occupies the right side of the attack. He is on fire and would open the field up for you lot.

    Just a ? since you've obviously seen more, what would you say are his limitations? From everything I've seen live or on video, I'm thoroughly impressed with his box to box play, passing, long range shot and finishing in the box. He seems like a much faster, more athletic Xabi Alonso, with less passing range of course.. I really like. His 15 mins yesterday were game changing against a team who's 17 unbeaten @ home, w/ fewer goals conceeded than Chels last year..

    I doubt Hulk would be on the radar, but I think right wing or left wing has to be #1 priority in January. Kuyt can hold down one side and Torres/Ngog/Babel/Kuyt are enough forwards.

    Just fyi, there are 2 teenage stars, Toni Silva from Portugal who's been compared to Nani looks great. And they finalized a contract for "Suso", dubbed the next Torres at age 16, scored a goal in first reserves match. Wouldn't mind a 17 year old and 16 year old over Maxi and Jova at this point..



    Date: Monday, September 13, 2010, 11:38 AM
    Meireles is limited but committed and plays his role well. He has a good attitude. I've grown to like him. Hopefully he does well for you lot.

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    • This is from a FC Porto fan from another forum that I frequent quite a bit:

      Hi there Reds!

      Im a FC Porto fan and a great Meireles fan.

      You've made a fantastic sign! A fantastic player very cheap! Unfortunately for us...
      I've read many post of this topic, and many of you think that Raul is a natural substitute for Mascherano, but he's not.

      He's not a 6 but more a 8. A box-to-box midfielder. Raul is not a strong player and he's not the tackling type of player. He never played very well at 6 in FCP, but he can manage...
      Where he plays better is at 8 position. He could be very helpful to Gerrard as he can release him to step in more attacking zones.
      Raul can transport the ball to attacker very well. Hes a good playmaker and he also finishes well and have a good mid shot.

      I think his major weakness is fitness and physical power. But he has good pace, though.

      At the end you have a fantastic player, a great man and we'll miss him at FCP.

      The best luck of the world to him at you home! ;)



      Liverpool is my english team for a long time.

      I used to be a great fan of Fowler and little Owen!

      About Raul, I understand your concern about Meireles/Aquilani, but I can assure you that they could look the same (by description) but Meireles is far better than Aquilani.

      Hes used to great stages, pressure and top teams. Remember thath Porto is a regular club in Champions League - except this year because of that mf's of benfica - (thank you for crushing them last season)

      He came to FCP in the season Mourinho has left so he never trained him.
      He quickly grabbed a place in the starting 11 since then.

      Like I said he's not a physical player (you can see he's quite slim) but he has strong pace and he can run an entire game.
      Although he was the "cliché" substitution for our last coach (Jesualdo Ferreira) he can perfectly play an entire match in high rythim.

      Dont think of him as Aquilani II.
      I can assure you he's far better than Aquilani. My word on that! ;)

      Just wait to see him play. His time at FCP has ended and he wanted to leave, so his very motivated, and he will be a great reinforcement for your team.

      I wish he can help you to win the league again.

      PS: sorry for my english! It's not perfect, I know, but i thing its understandable!
      PPS: if you catch benfica, please crush them again!!! Meireles will tell you what to do!


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      • Adidas, looks like you and I have our scouting of the Portuguese Ligue, and Meireles covered pretty well.

        Maybe we can be brought on staff by Purslow and help find some proper wingers in January?!?!

        Both my friend and your post offered very insightful information of what to expect from him.. But this still doesn't help us or anyone understand why he didn't play in Lucas spot unless Roy just thought it was too soon. The 2nd half of that game was wide open and he would have had a greater impact if he came on in the 50 min mark... just my opinion of course. But it is a fact that Lucas offers nothing unless you like backwards passing and being disposessed..

    • Hey Adi, you stole my team for Sunday! :)
      The best thing I thought about Meireles' brief cameo on Sunday was the pace at which he passed and moved, he looked electric. I suppose the biggest concern when we sign players from abroad is can they adapt or how long will it take them to adapt? He is clearly already up to speed with the league and looks very confident. I am very excited about seeing these guys link up and honestly believe by throwing in Joe Cole we could be looking at the most exciting side we have had for a long time.
      Whoop hair cut though......

    • Better than Johnsons. That crank seemed to spend more time concentrating on putting his dreads back in place rather than playing football.

    • I noticed that too! Everytime the ball goes out of play hes doing the girly, behind the ears thing! Kyriagkos should dip him in his cauldron and melt it off.

    • Or just spark him clean out and rip it out with his bare hands.

      Back to meireles I think we are onto something here with this lad when he came on Sunday he was like a breath of fresh air, pass and move, he knew instantly where other players were before he got the ball (that is something you either have or don't have), looked very composed with the ball coming into feet, 2 good driving runs into the oppositions penalty area and good range of passing.

      Roy needs to start with Meireles, Cole and Gerrard barring injury and supension with those 3 players we have creativity in abundance. I'd even stretch as far as throwing Babel out wide right he's nothing worse than what we currently have out there and I'd even put him up against Evra on Sunday who has had a shocking start to the season defensively. We need pace on at least one of the flanks.

      Babel on the right, Cole on the left. Worth a dabble?. I think so.

    • team should be more like this..
      this is also where joe wants to play.

    • Maxi was shocking on Sunday, in fact he was that anonymous I forgot he was on the pitch.

      Skrtel was pathetic I've never seen a more clueless performance at CB in my entire life, Berbatov and/or Rooney will have a field day, and just to add why play 2 hoofball centre backs may I ask as neither are composed ball players, which will resort in one thing and one thing only, Torres getting eaten alive and every high bacll getting gobbled up by Vidic and Evans.

      Gerrard and Meirles occupying those 2 positions are you sure?. I thonk you're barking mad myself but that's just my opinion. Play them 2 in that position and you are limiting one of those players as neither are a DM both players are very similiar and not disciplined enough to occupy such a role.

      Jovanovic whilst he showed an improvement on Sunday hasn't been able to get the better of Sagna, Richards, Carr or Jonas Olsson for that matter so I seriously doubt he'll get the better of a well drill Manc outfit or Neville for that matter. Stick Cole out wide left and Babel out wide right that gives us pace, creativity and 2 players that know how to play such a role. That will show for me an attack minded starting eleven.

    • Oh and I couldn't give a rats arse where Cole wants to play it's what is beneficial to the team and out wide left isn't exactly a role that isn't used to.

    • Im on that. I think Babel would burn people for fun on the right. Im assuming his delivery is poop as he has never been tried there. Even if he were to get Evra on his wrong foot and keep coming inside. With no Kuyt and Maxi looking out of sorts, we need some pace out wide.

    • That's what I'm thinking at the minute we have no pace so when you look at it from my view we don't have a wideman to get beyond the fullback as they simply get outpaced and that causes a breakdown in play.

      Babel has the ability to outpace most fullbacks and get into dangerous positions which will have Evra on the backfoot. We know he has the ability to do so but can he adapt it onto the playing field which is the big question.

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