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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Sep 18, 2010 22:33 Flag

    Hicks to buyout Gillett..

    OMG!!! Please no !! We can't have Hicks as our owner.. The board are against it.. However if RBS agree to it then sod all we can do about it..

    I thought Hicks was skint? Clearly not if he's thinking of buying out Gillett unless thats from him getting another loan to buyout Gillett.. Which begs the question.. Why did he need Gillett in the first place?

    No we need someone to come along sharpish and to buy LFC.. If Hicks takes over we'll be like Man Utd.. We all know the mess they're in..

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    • This news, whole scenario and whole predicament Hicks and Gillett have put Liverpool in truly embarasses me as an American. I wish I could do something to get him out, but I just don't have that kind of cash. And, I do want you all to know Hicks, Gillett and Glazers aside, there are so many outstanding owners here in the states, 1 of which was at some point linked maybe a year ago, Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots. IF he ever got back involved you would all be truly blessed to have him.
      Hopefully this mess can be sorted out and both these embarassing yanks are removed from the club forever, and ideally it would be an English owner, but I have to say anyone is better than them. Hicks is a cancer and if he gets control this club will continue to sink, and I just don't know how any human being can sleep at night knowing they are the reason behind destroying millions of fans and supporters lives and dreams..

      If you know of any bank that will lend me 600 million, I will move to Merseyside, throw hicks over the docks, hire the contractors to get their a$$ to work on Stanley Park and do anything to see Gerrard Torres Pepe and Carra hold that title. I just want a good seat in the Kop section and a tall pint of Carlsberg..

      Hey, I can dream too right?

    • LFC ARMCHAIR...think the best course of action is for all fans of the club world wide to immediately start petitioning RBS to call in the b@stard's loan asap...he cant repay and they CAN repossess.
      Far better RBS own us for a limited amount of time as they will be happy to simply get their money back and suffer no real loss; at this point there would be potential suitors coming out the woodwork and the club would have its pick of owners if it worked closely with the RBS to ensure that the nightmare that has been the ownership by the 2 SEPTICS never occurs again...lets all try and work together to put an end to this creep Hicks rather than p=ssing and moaning about him to each other on this board.The guy is a scumbag of the first order hated not just by us but also by the fans of American sports franchises that he has ruined in the same way he has ruined us in his greedy quest for profit at the expense of the supporters of all these sports franchises.

    • With regards to the question why did Hicks need Gillett, I don't think he did. It was the other way round, Gillet needed Hicks.

      They booh need shooting to be honest!