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  • colin colin Sep 19, 2010 00:21 Flag

    Hicks to buyout Gillett..

    LFC ARMCHAIR...think the best course of action is for all fans of the club world wide to immediately start petitioning RBS to call in the b@stard's loan asap...he cant repay and they CAN repossess.
    Far better RBS own us for a limited amount of time as they will be happy to simply get their money back and suffer no real loss; at this point there would be potential suitors coming out the woodwork and the club would have its pick of owners if it worked closely with the RBS to ensure that the nightmare that has been the ownership by the 2 SEPTICS never occurs again...lets all try and work together to put an end to this creep Hicks rather than p=ssing and moaning about him to each other on this board.The guy is a scumbag of the first order hated not just by us but also by the fans of American sports franchises that he has ruined in the same way he has ruined us in his greedy quest for profit at the expense of the supporters of all these sports franchises.

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