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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 24, 2010 03:35 Flag

    Please, can anyone find a positive from tonight?

    Lets be realistic here guys. It was a nothing game, and in the bigger picture, it means very little. However, we all knew that most of these 'named' were the reason last season, we achieved nothing, so why should you expect them to do anything other than 'more of the same'. I think the positive to come out this game was that it highlighted just HOW BAD these players are, and it really is time to offload them for whatever we can get.Remember; last season Rafa had them playing in the first team. This was a non-event and should be seen as such. Remember, CLQ is the ONLY important thing this season, and that is gong to take time and mistakes, but I am NOT going to weep over last nights result as long as these players are finally recognised as SERIOUSLY SURPLUS TO REQUIREMENTS