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  • Miguel Miguel Sep 23, 2010 04:59 Flag

    Please, can anyone find a positive from tonight?

    Extra time against league two opposition at Anfield and they have double the attempts on goal and double the corners won. I can´t take anything positive from that. Hopefully someone will! Meantime, wtf is going on??

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    • You're the 1diot i'm afraid. All phones (well I haven't seen one that doesn't) allow you to send more than one txt at once. If you go over the word count for one txt, it will simply send two or three to however many txts are required.

      Go back to school!

    • what positives are there to be taken ???. Northampton fielded a weakened team due to injuries to the key players apparently ,so not only were we defeated by a league 2 side we were defeated by a second string league2 side . beggars belief tbh

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      • What I wanted when I posted this topic was for some, less negative than me, to find the positives from our worst defeat since 1959 to a league club. (Not in terms of scoreline Dan)
        It would seem from the responses that folks fall broadly into two camps; the "it doesn´t matter in the long term, it´s a meaningless cup and competition - let´s get things in perspective" and those, like me, who feel "it´s the pits and can´t get worse can it?"

        For now, I´m going to hope that the first category are correct and that we shall see continual and fairly rapid improvement but, deep down, I find myself in sympathy with the guy who, on this or another thread, said "you are another Newcastle United in the making" I just hope he will be proved wrong starting Sunday.

        My final take on the Northampton game is to ask how it is possible for a bunch of international players costing in excess of 30 million to make such a hash? Sad to say, they can´t all have had an off day simultaneously and the evidence therefore points pretty strongly towards the Manager as regards responsibility for the result imho. Please, please, let me be wrong!

    • t6he only possitive thing i can find is this, Hodgie is the WRONG man for the anfield job, where is his support for the lads? all the lads see each week is a silent stationary dummy sat on the bench with no emotion. Get out hodgie or wake up and get some liverpool spirit in you

    • Lets be realistic here guys. It was a nothing game, and in the bigger picture, it means very little. However, we all knew that most of these 'named' were the reason last season, we achieved nothing, so why should you expect them to do anything other than 'more of the same'. I think the positive to come out this game was that it highlighted just HOW BAD these players are, and it really is time to offload them for whatever we can get.Remember; last season Rafa had them playing in the first team. This was a non-event and should be seen as such. Remember, CLQ is the ONLY important thing this season, and that is gong to take time and mistakes, but I am NOT going to weep over last nights result as long as these players are finally recognised as SERIOUSLY SURPLUS TO REQUIREMENTS

    • Yeah heres a pôsitive...that creep Hicks will be lucky to get 10p for the club if hes stupid enough to try and hangon for his alleged priceof 600 mill...maybe the real positiveis he will be a wise enough businessman to bail out now andlook to getout with the money he paid for the club....ushering in a much more benevolent ownership.

    • Did not get to watch the game live because there is any here and thank goodness for that, because if I had stayed up to watch this, i will be really sick.
      The only positive is that we know who will be sold in Jan.
      This is so disappointing.

    • Positive points:
      -You wouldnt be sure fire relegation candidates in League 2 as you have proved you can score against opposition from that league.
      -You'll get decent money for Torres when he leaves next Jan/May.
      -You managed to scrape a draw, so didnt lose outright. Penalties are always a lottery draw.

      On a serious note, I really dont think you can blame Hodgson for all of this. He has inherited some real sh*t from Benitiz and I doubt the FSW would be doing much better if he was still at the helm.

      If only you had waited 3 weeks when appointing a manager, you could have had O'Neill.

    • The biggest positive in my mind is that people on here will now stop calling for the likes of Babel to be given more first team football.

    • the only positive my friend is that you could go into administration, does not seem like a bad idea after all eh guys HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      who will want ot buy a once great relic but now fossilised in failure

      your going down with the toffees lmao

    • 2-1 what?!!!!