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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 24, 2010 00:41 Flag

    Hodgson is taking us backwards guys....

    I presume when you refer to 'demolishing rome' that we were good when Benitez took us over, and he singlehandedly took a successful team and ruined it?

    If we were successful then, why did we Houllier get the push? Obviously Cisse, Pongolle, Smicer, Biscan, Traore, Diouf, Diao, Cheyrou, Mellor, Diomede, Heggem, Arphexad, Le Tallec, Mejani, Vignal, were all wonderful players, and Benitez wrongly ran them out of town? I wonder what was there to demolish? Actually he gave some a chance and they contiburted greatly to the CL win. But on the whole, were they consistent with a squad you are comparing to a finished 'rome'?

    Sure, you can say by the sixth year we hadn't improved? OK, there is an argument for that, but NEVER say he wrecked the club. The board and the owners have been the wrecking ball.

    Yes Hodgson should be given time, but I'm so adamenet he's out of his depth, and I wonder why others can't see it. Perhaps I'm wrong. I've certainly stated by case, and stand to look an idiot if he wins stuff this season (in which case I take it all back and will be delightedly feasting on humble pie). Not looking likely though just yet!