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  • Oh deary deary me, what a disastrous night for your club.

    What startles me is... Torres clearly isnt in form so why dosent Hodgson say to him, look, go out, have 90 mins against Northampton, maybe score some goals and enjoy getting some of that sharpness back... But he just seems to be taking the mick... he was good for clubs like Fulham because they had no ambition but at liverpool he is failing miserably.

    Also, no Gerrard or J Cole on the bench? this just gets better.

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    • The fans on here are full of 'give hodgson time' and 'its rafa's mess'. I'm sorry but that is a load of ****. 5 points from 5 games, and now the MOST humiliating cup exit in years.

      Remember Hodgson has had time at Blackburn, at Fulham, knows English football alledgedly. He's not like Benitez, as when he arrived he thought the FA cup was a reserves competition. Hodgson doesn't have that excuse. He wasn't able to pick a Liverpool side to beat NORTHAMPTON TOWN!!!!!! I was at the game tonight, and we were so unimaginative, so functional, no fight, no passion…..Torres needs games…..****ing play him, Agger is one of the best centre backs around, why can't he see it, at least have Gerrard or Meireles who we could do with knowing more about, on the bench. This defeat has probably set some of those kids back a year at least. They will always be tainted by the night we lost to NORTHbloodyHAMPTON!

      Hodsgon needs to go, the sooner the better, or this season I tell you we are sunk. I could see us winning the next two games but Everton will do us at Goodison, and we will do no better than draws against Bolton and Birmingham……Prediction = 8 points at best from our next 5 games……

      This time last year we were 5th, after 10 games we were 5th. This season we sit 16th is it? After 10 games things will likely be little better. We are in a relegation scrap….make no mistake…because we have a manager whose first priority every season is 42 points! Why would he change his mindset just because he's at Liverpool.

      I can't wait for the excuses as to why we lost tonight, that it wasn't Roy's fault. HE had NO contingency. We as fans deserve better!!!! OUT!!!!!!!!!!!