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  • OLD DOG OLD DOG Sep 24, 2010 14:09 Flag

    Give Kenny the Job Now...

    You have a valid point about the inexperience of Kenny, but he would have Thompson and Lee as support. Regarding the squad i think that you would find that the players would want to play for kenny, somthing they dont seem to want to do under Roy. We are lacking passion Thompson would have no trouble in putting that back in to the team.

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    • Don´t think Kenny would be right. Too long out of the game. Agree the players, the team, need someone who can inspire passion. Roy´s body language, and after match comments suggest to me that he is not able to as witnessed by the gang of uninspired internationals who ran around like headless chickens against Northampton.
      History, and not just football history, is littered with examples of lesser mortals achieving success over greater due solely to inspired leadership. Too many on these boards are putting most of the blame for our current form on the players when instead, imho, they should be asking if the manager is ever going to inspire the players to some modest success.

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      • I again hear where you are coming from, but Kenny has never been that far away from the game, and the club has always been in his heart. With Thompson and Lee at his side, i honestly think he would work wonders, I don't think we can afford to wait and see if Roy will improve, he is to negative in just about everything he does. I am worried that if things stay as they are for much longer, we will have more than a mountine to climb. Lets act befor it is to late.