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  • Jason Jason Oct 7, 2010 10:27 Flag

    Give Kenny the Job Now...

    Daniel and Co.,

    I am doing my very best to find any news or statements on behalf of Henry or anyone associated with his group in regards to what their stance will be on the managerial stiuation. I can tell you they've made a statement that they will refrain from making too many public announcemets of their plans until all legal proceedings pertaining to Hicks & Gillette have been concluded.

    My gut, and experience in watching the Red Sox under his stewardship the past 10 years tells me, he/they have probably already had a sit down to re-interview and re-evaluate Roy Hodgson, as he has similar characteristics to the manager they hired and won 2 world championships with. If I had to guess, he will be kept on, because they do plan to make funds available in January for player purchases. If this is the case, however, and Roy does not start to produce results very soon, they will not hesitate to make a move for their own man very swiftly. They work by a very strict organizational and on field model which demands they get the very best from everyone. Not one player aside from Gerrard, Torres, Kuyt, Pepe and probably Meireles will be exception to this so we could see a mass exodus and influx of new players in a short period of time.

    This is my gut feeling based on what I know and see. Please see my new, latest thread just posted which details alot more of Henry, his group, their achievments and their ambitions all in direct quotes. I think you'll be pleased..