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  • OLD DOG OLD DOG Sep 23, 2010 17:14 Flag

    Give Kenny the Job Now...

    We need to make changes fast, it's easy to see things are not working as they are.. m.o.n. is not the man for the job, as some people have mentioned. kenny Dalglish is the only man who knows what is expected, he knows how to achieve it, the players know him,and he is there already to get started. If we do not act now, our season will be over, befor it starts..

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    • And whats more he could take Phil Thompson on as his right hand man..

    • You won't get many disagreeing atm.

      Maybe more when the dust settles.

    • You won't get many disagreeing atm.

      Maybe more when the dust settles.

    • I don't think we have the time to let the dust settle.. we need Champions League next season.. Bring back Kenny..

    • I wanted Dalglish appointed at the time and should a situation arise where Roy cant get us going over the next month or so then perhaps he should be reconsidered. It would be too harsh a judgement to get rid of Roy already and it is suprising how many are calling for his head so early. I guess sometimes you have to look back to your objectives at the start of the season.
      Mine were 4th place alone, any cup runs are a bonus. I still abide by that. I would like us to go pretty strong in the FA cup providing we arent running the risk of unsettling league form and I think the Europa is still best used for squad and fringe players but maybe not to the level we saw on Wednesday night.

      By December we will know what our realistic targets are and I think he should be allowed that much time.

    • Am inclined to agree with both you Old Dog and you Hob. I think we should give Roy time instead of looking to change immediately but, I´d give it until the end of October, no more. Look at how quickly Harry Redknap turned Tottenham around, a matter of weeks after he was appointed and they were soaring up the league and cup tables from a very mediocre start. Agree?

    • Mate its not easy to argue against that! In all fairness that was a Spurs side that had finished just out of the top 4 the year before. Most of us LFC fans remember Redknapps start all too well as we were dicking all over Spurs at the lane before the 2 luckiest goals ever gave them the most undeserved win ive ever seen. Class like Gerrard, Meireles, Cole, Johnson, Torres can only be held down for so long!

    • Yes, and that´s my point Hob. We have the class but they are playing truant at the moment and the question has to be "why?" That is why I tend to think the playing staff are average or above and yet, as a team, they look clueless and have done all season. Boring, defensive crowded midfield, long balls, no penetration in attack and, generally, a demotivated look about them. Torres in particular, he´s like a zombie! That has to be down to the manager in my book. Agree your points about Tottenham by the way.

    • I personally dont think that we have actually seen Hodgesons first choice side yet and I am pretty sure that Joe Cole was bought in to play behind Fernando and not out on the left. Poulsen i think was bought in with utility in mind. I am sure that Meireles was bought in to partner Stevie and I hope its just for integration reasons that we havent see them line up together.
      Surely Sunderland at Anfield will be the time to throw that attacking formation together. I dont ever remember being happy to see Kuyt back but Maxi has been poor in his abscense.

    • Agree with ya dog...A man with Kenny's class does not lose that experience or management prowess he can motivate inspire and demand good play...His passion for Liverpool alone will raise the team up......Sure Hodge has not been given much time but do we really have it.......If we want to keep Nando we need Kenny...Kenny can also attract the best young and established players to our club as manager not many players would turn down the chance of studying under a master like KK................

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