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  • Alan H Alan H Sep 24, 2010 02:30 Flag

    He Made The Wrong Move

    Roy Hodgson performed miracles at Fulham under various financial restraints etc. The guy has nowt to prove and is well respected all over Europe.
    But to step into a powder-keg of frustrated passion and in-house politics and hit the ground running was virtually impossible. He made the choice---so he's either given the time and backing which is most unlikely by the looks of it---or he could step back and supply valuable and knowledgeable support to a new guy.
    H---bad language is permitted.

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    • At this present moment in time it doesn't matter who the manager is, the club's a fuskcing shambles. This guy's got no chance and whoever follows him next hasn't either.
      Tremendous fans being blatantly abused by financial roulette.

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      • I'm sorry to have to disagree with some of this, where nobody could come in and sort this and needing all sorts of new money and new players.

        Sure we could use more money for a pair of star wingers, another striker and a top young defender, but consider these fundamental facts.

        Roy did not inherit a terrible squad, nor was he not given the ability to sell and buy at his own will. I AM NOT MAKING A CASE FOR RAFA, but, largely other than mascherano, the entire squad returned including torres at least fit enough to play, and despite the bad form and decline of last year, they still managed to finish 4th in defence and tied on clean sheets winning Pepe another golden glove (in a tie). I think Mascherano is a terrible loss no doubt, but nobody can convince me he's the reason for this horrendous defending and lack of organization in the back. At the very least, last year in Rafa's worst game approach and negativity, we'd have managed a 0-0 or 1-1 draw. Quite honestly, it could have been 3 or 4-0 before half time, had pepe not made a great save, and skrtel a nice sliding intervention.

        The fundamentals of it all are, on paper, this team was decent enough to fight, and punch above their weight regardless of who the manager was, and then we brought in cole and meireles (won't talk about jova, he's rubbish), so on paper this team is even better. Bottom line is Roy is not doing a good enough job in training and practice sessions, and he's not putting players on the pitch in the right positions to succeed nor having them play with the right mentality from the minute the whistle blows. AND, where the hell are pacheco, babel ? Were they even on the bench, I don't think either were... At least 2 players who can inject some pace. Kyrgiakos was our fcuk ing best attacker today, nearly had 2 goals. That's pathetic!

        It's not too late for this to be turned around, but I'm starting to become positive Roy can't do it

    • Alan ,the Liverpool public will not accept this ,this is not the norm for them.What had Hodgson done to acclaim such a prestigious post ,they will not put up with this much longer,but look who they have to bounce back from ,typical ,3-1 Liverpool. and Martin in shortly after

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      • And just what hs O`Neill done to deserve such a prestigious post? Ok he was successful in Scotland but lets be honest the standard of football there is not high and winning the Scottish title is akin to winning the Championship or even Division One. He did win the League Cup with Leicester but I`m sure that Liverpool fans dream of more prestigious trophies. As for Villa they have never finished higher than 6 and although they have made both the FA and Carling Cup finals they have never won a trophy under O`Neill. And anyway why should he want the job. He`s canny enough to know that the money needed to rebuild Liverpool currently isn`t there and until it is the sort of frustrarions that marred his last few months at Villa would resurface at Anfield. The fact is until Liverpool can find new owners who are willing to make large sums of money available even their great history may not be enough to attract a big name manager.