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    Hodgson second choice to DESCHAMPS!

    Evening flop-ites and plastics...

    I've been sitting on this one for a while but now word is leaking out your leader can exclusively reveal that the first choice for LFC after fatlad was NOT Woy Hodgson but DIDIER DESCHAMPS!

    However, the French World Cup winner and playing legend... TURNED US DOWN in order to stay at MARSEILLE!

    Lads, we all know it's tough times but the mere FACT that Didi SNUBBED LFC for the lowly French league shows just how far we've fallen and what a POISON CHALICE the job has became since RAFA sent us plummeting into footballing meltdown - we are now a LAUGHING STOCK in world football.

    It's shocking isn't it that not only is relegation Roy a SECOND RATE manager BUT he is also a poor SECOND CHOICE............ sad times VERY sad...

    with respect........... Discuss!!!!!!!!!!

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    • hav ta give you credit on this one la, all over the press this one is now and a real kick in the teeth for us! can't understand why hed turn us down bu makes roys job that much tougher knowing he was second choice for us. pig sick bou it.

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      • Have to give her credit? What the f.uck for? Because she said she's "been sitting on this one for a while"? Has she balls!! Do you not find it a bit convenient that she has only just come out with this now? She talks sh1t mate. If she did know about this before she would have said something before. The guy talks more sh1t than my @rse after a bad curry!

      • We've been kicked in the teeth for TWENTY fcuking YEARS Thommo so really nothing new... let's not forget RAFA was second choice to THE SPECIAL ONE and our esteemed American owners tried to get KLINSMANN in behind fatlads back so that's how things are run at LFC these days... Bob and Bill must be turning in their graves - it's a DISGRACE to the two great men!!

        PS - Thommmo do you remember how GREAT the 90s were at the club........... DSTEER does ahahahahahaha


      • I don't even think he was second choice...at least on my list he didn't even feature. And I am not sure if Deschamps was first choice. I think he was also a compromise candidate. Imagine the following was the list, where would Woy be:

        Hiddink, Rijkard, MON etc?