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  • Jason Jason Sep 29, 2010 01:55 Flag


    Yes, I know January is very far away, and I know many things can happen between now and then, but I just wanted to ask the question, since I am not all that familiar with the player though have been impressed from what I have seen.

    It seems Seb Larsson has broken down contract talks at BHC, and he's a young in form winger. So my question is, if he decided to test the waters in January is he a player that could improve our wide play and someone we might be interested in? I can see a natural tie between him and Roy. Nevermind if he's "Liverpool quality" or not, these days we hardly know what that means anymore. All I know is anyone who can be added that can improve the squad is welcome, especially on the wings where we are sorely lacking..

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    • He has till the end of the 2011-12 season left on his contract, clearly he would happily sign a new deal if one was ever offered based on his desire to stay and fight for his place and his clear 'twitter' based delight at the deals falling through. Whether he has done it for us or not, he still a young, fast, skillfull dutch international and no one will be buying him for much less then £9m, I am certain.

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    • He is a good player and it crossed my mind when I saw mcleishs interview the other day. He isn't that quick but has a sweet left peg. Not sure.