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  • That was going to be my exact point. He will still get plenty of playing time. They seem strong enough to get into the knockouts of the CL, they have FA Cup and 32 fixtures left.

    He's better than Seb Larsson, I simply suggested Seb since he's out of contract and a much better winger than in our squad today and might still view Liverpool as an enormous step up from BHC. Kranjcar would not, plus for the money, we could probably do slightly better if Roy has all of the Mascherano money still available in January to spend.

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    • Krancjaer is a fanttic player and that move to Spurs was unreal at that money. As good as he is though, watching us play every week doesnt leave me screaming out for him though. With Maxi and Joe Cole we already have two skillfull players who are versatile but not going to burst past people. I think its clear we need to be looking at a pair of widemen with real pace to liven things up.
      My money would be after one of either SWP, Lennon or Jarvis and then a punt at someone like Downing or Young if we still have the money there.