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  • Jason Jason Oct 1, 2010 05:20 Flag

    What's the Standard Anymore?

    Well, obviously though I'm across the pond you can see I'm pretty passionate about the club and I have a great appreciation for all the great memories I've endured in my short time as a supporter (02/03), and the history of the club but I can't fathom what you all must be going through. So, please understand when I go on a rant like that, I'm speaking as if I'm lecturing the team like I would to my own NFL football team, even though nobody can hear me except fellow posters. My post was not negative, just realistic, I can't put band-aids on broken bones anymore. Is it the manager, or is it the players? I just don't know..

    I will follow up with some few good positives and take them into our thumping of Blackpool Sunday. Pepe was very sharp, perhaps his best game yet? Glen, who I've personally been slating lately, really got forward and showed form like early last term, FINALLY. Kelly did well at LB, Torres seemed to show some bits and pieces of his brilliance, but lacks that final touch and Meireles is showing to be a very good purchase, though in speaking to Portuguese friends, he is being terribly mis-used, which bothers me.. He should be a much more athletic Alonso. At this point there's no harm in pairing Meireles/Gerrard in the center, both can tackle and track back decent enough and not every team in EPL or Europe uses a def mid, especially not at home!!

    I have no such good words anymore for Lucas, he has to go, I'll pay his plane ticket. Poulsen below avg at best, sadly Carragher is just all over the place at the back, lucky not to give a pk, and both Cole/Kuyt need to find a proper role and contribute more than just hard work rate. It also doesn't say very much that babel/jovanovic can't even get a minutes time when wide play is non existent, and was Pacheco in the squad?