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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Oct 1, 2010 19:51 Flag

    What's the Standard Anymore?

    WTF !! Hodgson is prepared to accept a draw !! Thats what I don't like about his style.. We used t have the attitude a win was all that mattered and we'd grind and fight for nothing less.. Since Benitez & Hodgson.. we've just settled for a draw.. As thats ok!! Well Hodgson a draw isn't good enough.. LFC used to be the team that put fear in to our rivals.. Now we're toothless and clawless with no bite..

    Sad times atm being a LFC fan..

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    • Sad thing is, as negative as Benitez often approached most matches, he still came out with an odd guarantee of a win here and there, and even produced victories against the man u or spurs when everyone doubted them...

      If Roy doesn't believe in himself then he certainly can't believe in his players which is demoralizing, especially considering 3 of them are his purchases/signings and the rest established more or less..

      Every team needs a leader, on the field there's no doubt Gerrard is that embodied by everything he says and does, but he can't lift up morale when it's imprinted into everyone's head week in week out.