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  • sideshow sideshow Oct 1, 2010 22:55 Flag

    About Hodgson

    I thought he'd be poor, and I thought he'd take us backwards at a rate of knots. I stated this upon his appointment, and to be honest even I've been surprised at how bad he's been, how avoidable some of his mistakes are, and how incompetent he is at this level.

    The team selections, the players he's brought in, the players he's let go, the substitutions, the tactics, the press statements in relation to our performances where I swear he watches another game on a TV in the dugout and talks about that. Utterly inept. I've made statement after statement about how bad he is, and every time I'm proved right. I want to be proved wrong. For just once I want him to show he can pick a team to confound me.


    Come on Roy, I can't set the bar any lower.......mind you there was Northampton. Whoops!

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    • These statistics that I posted given to me from a friend, or rather should I say, facts, were absolutely shocking and I find it hard to believe that Purslow, Broughton, etc. were completely oblivious to this! I was 50/50 on Hodgson, he wasn't my first choice, but I thought he was a steady, solid choice but having seen this, I can only think that the board were caught completely with their pants down having thought there was an imminent buyer waiting in the wings, and being the "nice, diplomatic" guy that Hodgson is, it would be easier to justify if he got the sack right away in favor of another manager to the "new owner's" liking.

      Of course this is just my guess or speculation, unless they really thought he was a step up and above Rafa, which despite my dislike for Rafa is barely debatable, at best. The more you think about it, the record, evidence and weekly performances suggest this might not be speculation and they put all their eggs in one basket thinking someone would buy, dump in money and go on a ruthless streak ala Roman Abramovich. If so, our managing directors and board have let us down, not Roy.

      I will say on a positive note (partly due to a miraculous 3-0 deficit comeback), we are still top of our Europa group and in good position to move through (gulp), Glen, Pepe, Torres, Meireles all were good, and we SHOULD thrash Blackpool going into the intl break and derby!

      This is as positive as it gets.. as I nervously type..