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  • Jason Jason Oct 2, 2010 03:12 Flag

    About Hodgson

    I'd assume you think my assessment, though speculative, is maybe true based on your basis for what a Liverpool Manager should be ? Nothing in Roy's career on paper, aside from putting Fulham into Europe and to the Europa final suggests he's anywhere near the standard expected by fans far more knowledgeable than myself..

    For argument's sake, if Roy were to get it, who's next, Kenny? I feel like that's an even more terrible mess, and one to dump in the lap of a legend that is less fair than the ship Hodgson tried to raise..

    • Actually Jason, your argument based on what Roy has achieved (or not achieved) is valid, and I think something myself and others put forward back before he was given the job. However the counter argument many threw back at me, and others who were still trying to support Rafa, was that Roy is better motivator of players, and is proven to make average players better, so I assumed they felt he'd make good players great, and great players like Torres and Stevie incredible. However I think that is what is currently going up in smoke!

      Although I agree with you (if this is the point you’re making in your last statement) that bringing yet another manager now, at least until the ownership issue is sorted, is not going to do much to help us. Anyone who's got the tactical ability to get more out of the team is just not going to come IMO, so all that leaves is someone able to motivate, and if Roy the inspiration of Fulham’s escape can't do it, who can?

      Dalglish maybe an option, but best case he'll be able to settle the ship, but will likely be pushed aside once new owners come in as they won't want someone with that much fan power behind them (same reason Rafa was pushed IMO), but worst case simply because we'd be dealing him such an awful hand, he'll fail, and the reputation of a great servant of our club, and my own childhood hero, will be dragged through the mud for no good cause.