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  • colin colin Oct 2, 2010 04:54 Flag

    About Hodgson

    DSTEER...at the time u and others were still advocating extending the tenure of Benitez I was campaigning incessantly for the immediate sacking of Benitez and appointment of King Kenny. Have u noticed how many of the IRWT Brigade are now disillusioned with the appointment of Roy and are already calling for his head and ...surprise surprise...are advocating the job be given to GUESS WHO....YES !!! Right first time...KING KENNY.
    Shame u are all so behind the door and hadnt all joined in the campaign to appoint King Kenny our new Boss back when u all KNEW he had indeed asked for the job. But no it was all..... :KK has been out of the game too long and should reaquaint himself with mangement else where first before taking over at Anfield.: Maybe we wouldnt have been in the predicament we find ourselves in right now if theIRWT Brigade hadnt been so shortsighted or should I say BLIND where the issue of KK FOR BOSS was concerned. However feel I have to be patient and see if Roy can turn things arounfd given a chance to implement his ideas out on the training ground though if I have to bet on it would say Roy's tenure is liely to be short lived though personally Im happy to see himor anyone or anything as Boss at our club rather than that cretin Benitez.