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  • Jason Jason Oct 2, 2010 06:30 Flag

    About Hodgson

    Yes, Dsteer I think you and I are on the same page. The jist of what I'm saying, or speculating is that at the time, Rafa had to be bought out, there wasn't money to be spent to bring in the marquee man we craved, Hodgson's stock soared, probably well above his ceiling, and he was the safest pick, becaues of the uncertainty over the ownership of the club. I was in favor, like so many others of Kenny as one of my top choices, and ahead of Hodgson, but assuming the board thought they had the owners waiting in the wings who would want to bring in their own man with more money, they could never allow Kenny, everyone's hero to be embarassed and sacked within 5-10 games, unless of course he had us 9-1-1 or some ridiculous record like that. So, my suggestion is that Roy was a medium profile manager, who didn't break the bank and wouldn't hurt too many feelings if he had been sacked after 4-5 games. Ultimately they maybe settled for him, a gamble that something bigger was going to happen and it didn't and now we have Roy, who I think despite anyone's like or dislike of him as a manager will agree he's a wonderful motivator, very well spoken, and has shown in the past he can raise the level of his players. But now, those things seem to be what's not needed and almost as if a Rafa-esque type figure, who has tactical skills and more concerned with results than players feelings is what's needed.

    There's a fine line between this whole Rafa / Roy debate, and to be quite honest, based on Roy's record, there is none. I wanted Rafa to go, OR to have his future sorted immediately, given money and an ultimatum to produce the goods or get out. We may very well still have Mascherano and Aquilani, plus signed Jovanovic, Wilson and maybe Joe Cole... Meireles wouldn't be in the equasion, and also who knows what money would have been available. Perhaps under my pretense that he was given 1 more year with a little bit of money and the ultimatum, still having Masch Aquaand a fully fit Torres and Gerrard things might be going better? Who's to know or say.

    Bottom line is, Roy did a great job in the summer when we were all nervous about Torres and Gerrard etc., and he did exactly what everyone wanted, change the mood, lift the spirits and rejuvenate everything that had gotten stale around the club. He even did very well in Europe early on with almost no senior players and things looked like we were headed for a story book season. Since then, we've brought in players, gotten our world cup players and stars back and the performances have gotten worse, and the shocking thing to me is that besides poulsen for mascherano... maybe konchesky vs insua, we have an improved team with former starters on the bench now, and Roy seems like he's lost the ability to figure out his elbow from his head. Maybe this is all in that story book season we're dreaming of, and a slight blip in the road because it has to be said, Roy isn't making the passes, kicking the shots over the goal, and pulling shirts/raising arms in our own box so he isn't completely to blame. He is to blame for them coming out flat every single week with no sense of strategy, style or tactics, and for the back being a complete dissaray. We all thought that loss at Pompey last year, and a 0-0 draw at Wolves were the worst results ever, but Blackpool has potential to be the worst ever, not counting Northampton. Roy at this point, I think, is overwhelmed by the stars in the team and nervous to just let them loose like at Fulham. I'd be willing to bet anything, if he just set up the 11 best players in proper positions and let them play they'd figure it out, but I think he's so scared of them and bad results he's becoming more negative than Rafa ever was even to the point where we're not negative, we're just lost..