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  • Paul J Paul J Oct 2, 2010 20:33 Flag

    About Hodgson

    Colin, some people who follow these boards didnt want Rafa sacked in the first place, because despite what many seem to think, he did manage to get more out of average players, hence the reason we came so close to winning the premiership.

    But alas when things went bad last season, everyone instantly blamed Rafa. Well the team is still there (playing some desperately poor football, they have no confidence, they dont know how to defend (because the twat in charge) has changed to Man Marking and we are now conceding goals for fun.

    The new man who has come in is quite frankly inept, he lacks any sort of motivation, he's about as inspiring as a dose of scabies. He is taking us backwards. We've spent £8million bring him to the job and he is spending money on utter shite whilst letting go better players.

    The sooner the club see sense the better.....he has to go!