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    About Hodgson

    I was having some friendly debate and conversation about Liverpool and the hiring of Hodgson yesterday during the poor performance in Europe, and against one person's defence of Roy, my other friend provided the following statistics to which I was unaware, nor unable to even give a reasonable reply/ I was shocked really:

    "Hodgson's CV (in order of most matches managed for top 5 clubs/teams)

    Fulham - 127 matches, 50 wins, 32 draws, 45 losses
    Inter - 91 matches, 40 wins, 26 draws, 23 losses
    Neuchatel Xamax - 72 matches, 29 wins, 27 draws, 16 losses
    Blackburn Rovers - 62 matches, 22 wins, 18 draws, 22 losses
    Switzerland - 41 matches, 21 wins, 10 draws, 10 losses

    He has won 40% of his matches as a manager. Let's crown his ass.

    Swedish league - 4x
    Swedish Cup - 2x
    Danish SuperLiga - 1x"

    Does this bother anyone else?

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    • It bothers me a lot. Quite a medicore record.

      Just baffled as to why he became manager.

      I'm sure he'll be gone once new owners come in.

      I mean looks at Liverpool's performances so far this season have been quite poor. 1 win in 6 games.

      Even the wins and draws have been hard fought.

      Watching Liverpool under Hodgson is as dull as watching paint dry.

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      • The Liverpool way, and a lesson for any future manager, nothing less will do!
        Following an FA Cup final victory SIR Bob Paisley Knew the Liverpool way, unlike souness who destroyed our great club.

        His record would better that of Shankly: Paisley led the team for nine seasons, winning at least one trophy in eight of those. Disappointed by finishing second in his first season as manager, the team went one better the following year, winning the title. This was the start of Liverpool's dominance of the game in England - in Paisley's nine seasons in charge, Liverpool won six League titles and finished second twice, won 3 League Cups (the first time that Liverpool had won the trophy), 1 UEFA Cup, 1 European Super Cup, 5 Charity Shields and, most significantly, they won the club's first 3 European Cups.[4]

        Liverpool's dominance of the era in English and European football was primarily challenged by Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa under Tony Barton. Paisley remains the only man in history to coach three European Cup-winning sides (1977, 1978 & 1981).[4] His success was honoured with six Manager of the Year awards. Only the FA Cup eluded Paisley, although Liverpool would be runners-up in 1977 and beaten semi-finalists in 1979 and 1980.
        This is why Kenny and Thommo will take us forward, f6666 alex and his toys.

      • I thought he'd be poor, and I thought he'd take us backwards at a rate of knots. I stated this upon his appointment, and to be honest even I've been surprised at how bad he's been, how avoidable some of his mistakes are, and how incompetent he is at this level.

        The team selections, the players he's brought in, the players he's let go, the substitutions, the tactics, the press statements in relation to our performances where I swear he watches another game on a TV in the dugout and talks about that. Utterly inept. I've made statement after statement about how bad he is, and every time I'm proved right. I want to be proved wrong. For just once I want him to show he can pick a team to confound me.


        Come on Roy, I can't set the bar any lower.......mind you there was Northampton. Whoops!

    • Colin, some people who follow these boards didnt want Rafa sacked in the first place, because despite what many seem to think, he did manage to get more out of average players, hence the reason we came so close to winning the premiership.

      But alas when things went bad last season, everyone instantly blamed Rafa. Well the team is still there (playing some desperately poor football, they have no confidence, they dont know how to defend (because the twat in charge) has changed to Man Marking and we are now conceding goals for fun.

      The new man who has come in is quite frankly inept, he lacks any sort of motivation, he's about as inspiring as a dose of scabies. He is taking us backwards. We've spent £8million bring him to the job and he is spending money on utter shite whilst letting go better players.

      The sooner the club see sense the better.....he has to go!