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    BAck-handed compliment

    Here's one for you all to ponder.
    I've been saying for quite some time - in fact if you go back to the posts from 2 or 3 seasons back you will see I was saying it even back then - that the current Liverpool squad is pretty average.
    Now, now, don't choke on your cornflakes.
    Think seriously about it and you will see that it is true.
    Who, of our current starting 11 or 14, would any of the other EPL teams include in their starting 11?
    Be honest about it, now.
    Torres - mostly a YES; I'll reserve judgement myself until I see him get fit again.
    Gerrard - probably a YES for most although he is getting on a wee bit.
    Reina - pretty definite YES for most unless you happen to have Cech, Hart, Given, VDS.
    Agger? Not really setting the world on fire for mine. Maybe a mid-table team might pick him up.
    Meireles? Again, not overly impressed yet but it is early days for him at LFC.
    Cole? Again, a mid-table team might jump for him now Chelski have discarded him.
    Kuyt? Get real. If you like headless chooks with "a great work ethic" then maybe you would waste your money on this guy but a "top" team?
    Who else?
    Who else in the squad would get a guernsey at any decent level EPL club?
    So, out of our top starting 14 I think maybe 3 would be good bets at a top club and maybe 3 more at a mid-table club.
    How the heck are we supposed to be challenging for top four status with a squad like that?
    Here's the back handed compliment.
    THIS SQUAD, with the exception of Mash, Riera, Benny, Insua, Aurelio, Degen and Aqua (all GREAT players, yes?) THIS SQUAD is the one that Benitez managed to drag up to challenge Man U two seasons ago and missed out taking the title by just 4 points - in the season when we had 11 draws and just 2 losses, remember. In fact our 86 point total would have been enough to easily win the title in 2003 and 2001 when the Mancs amassed 83 and 81 respectively.
    Now that you have seen what Roy is doing with this squad you might just see Benitez in a slightly different light.

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    • Well in my opinion if I was to gather a side together out of our most likely top 4 rivals (Spurs,City, Villa) and ours it would look like this:
      Van der Vaart-------------Gerrard--------------Toure-----------------Modric

      Subs: Hart, Defoe, A Johnson, Palacios, Kompany, Adebayor, Young

      Perhaps it seems ironic that our only centre back is the one that doest get in our own team! Is that a blinkered view that I have 5 LFC starters? Agger is questionable but I think hes actually the most 'technically' sound centre back in the premiership now that Carvahllo has gone. Pace on the flanks is a big issue for us and somewhere our competitors better us.

      It is embarrasing to go head to head striker wise with our rivals though.
      Liverpool: Torres. Ngog, Kuyt, Babel
      Spurs: Defoe, Crouch, Pavlyuchenco, Keane
      City: Tevez, Adebayor, Ballotelli, Santa Cruz
      Villa: Carew, Heskey, Agbonglahor

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      • Interesting lineup but, as you say yourself, a totally blinkered selection.
        Youy are picking players based on reputation or how you think they can or can't play rather than on any sort of recently exhibited form.
        Reina? Joke. Surely. On form you would have to be picking Hart ahead of Reina. Even Gomez at Spurs is looking more solid than Reina has at the start of this season. Come on now, don't forget the goal v Arsenal and the poor performances against Argentina - even if it was a friendly, he was playing for his Spain careeer and looked totally at sea. He's had one really good game against Brum but that's it.
        Johnson as in Glen Johnson? What planet are you living on? Even our own diehard supporters are picking a young inexpereinced kid to play right back in our team ahead of Johno, let alone in any sort of representative "top" team.
        Bale at left back? Really? Sorry but when was the last time you watched a Spurs game?
        VDV wide right? Come on, the guy is a perfect central mid/backup striker.
        And finally, Torres. He's living on reputation and I think the life support machines are waiting in the corridor. Any sane person would have Drogba (much as I hate the guy myself) well ahead of Torres at the moment. I'd even be looking at Berber, Anelka (wash my mouth out with soap), Crouch and maybe even Pav ahead of Torres on current form.
        But, hey that's just my opinion and we are all welcome to have our own say.
        I'm just agreeing with your comment that YOUR selection is very heavily blinkered.

    • "Now that you have seen what Roy is doing with this squad you might just see Benitez in a slightly different light. "

      I think that statement is bollcks AJ. Benitez is to blame for all the woes of the club. He chose these fcking players!! yes admittedly he's had to let good ones go but hey lets look at Spurs for example and what theyve bought Krancjar, Modric Bale. All bought before they hit the top 4. Now they have Van Der Vaart who looks a cut above the rest.
      Now you cant give me the answers that we didnt have the money as Glen Johnson and that flakey Italian. Thats 40 million !!!
      That would of given us those Spurs players with change in the pocket

    • Well not all of us called for Rafa to go................

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      • Hodsgon should go now though, he should never have been appointed in the first place.

        As for the Rafa out brigade, I wonder if they now have that "oops what on earth have we ended up with"

        Should've been a bit more careful about what they wished for!

      • Agreed and if you look back at my posts my argument was that you can only do so much with a team when you have limited funds, Yes RB spent after selling etc. He was someone who wanted to buy a box of chocolates but only had the money to keep buying 1p sweets which he sold for more or tried to disguise so that no one would notice they were only 1p sweets. RH on the other hand is quite a different kettle of fish as he is a mid table manager who would think he's in heaven given the 1p's.