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    Unhappy Jovanovic


    Lots of new players get home-sick and take time to adjust to their new team's play. No big deal, probably. But I was struck by this comment:

    He continued: "I have to adapt to a new system over here. I have to defend all the time.

    "Just three or four teams in the Premier league play attractive football. The others set great store by commitment, discipline and defending.

    What are we to make of it?


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    • The man should be honoured to slip on the red of LFC... Had he been a Man Utd player Fergie would've told him to shut up & put up..

      We got him from a team thats a far lesser class than LFC..

      He also needs to accept he's not a star at LFC.. The likes of Torres, Reina, Agger have been here some time.. He needs to earn his stripes..

      he cost us nothing so if he whines stick him in the reserves to prove his worth..

    • Its a dissapointment and very similar to that Riera outburst last season. He is more then likely to remain unused now.
      The way we play, look awful, as he said though and thats the reason Torres is looking the way he is. Poulsen shouldnt grace the field unless our team is riddled with injury. What a waste of money, Spearing could do that job and I hate to say it but hes certainly no better then Lucas!
      Jovanovic is a silly boy for being naive enough to do an interview for the Sun!

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      • Funny you bring up Riera, though apparently he got in a fist fight with a reserves player then blew up in the media, but sadly, I would take him back over Jova in a split second. He wasn't great neither but he was a real winger, could provide a cross, occasionally scored a goal AND was a very close friend to Fernando.. Kinda funny how Rafa made such prudent purchase of spaniard players, made them become key figures, some stars, than basterdized them and replaced with inferior replacements. Xabi - Lucas/Aqua, Arbeloa-Glen, Riera-Jova, Yossi-Nobody, Garcia-nobody

        I second the motion that poulsen shouldn't be on the field unless he's a 15-20 min sub and helping protect a lead, he's decent in the tackle, but not a 90 minute, box to box player. Gerrard/Meireles for CM pairing @ Anfield every time.. Everyone in Portugal or Porto supporter will say Raul is good enough to put in hard work in a defensive shift, good enough since Gerrard never lacks work ethic and physicality.

    • cheerio then whinger. even moany face berbatov doesn't b1tch like this. 7 prem games in to the season, and he starts whining about wanting to go home, i say let him rot on the bench, and let some younger more loyal players play. sell him in january, even if we only get a couple of mill, its paid his wages, and made a little profit. NOT WHAT WE NEED AT THE CLUB AT ALL AT THE MOMENT!

    • The most upsetting, or telling thing of it all were, his comments about having to play defense, so yes, he should sit in the film room and watch Kuyt. And also his team captain who never fails to track back and put in as good and hard a tackle as any of our defenders.

      To be fair to Roy, with regards to him being a Rafa signing, he had signed a contract and obtained his permit, so for Roy to reject him at that early stage while he was still righting the ship could have had a very negative affect and statement towards the team and any other players we were looking to recruit. More or less, whether he fancied him or not, he pretty much had to take him, as Jovanovic was enthusiastic and signed. Then as you say correctly it becomes Roy's job to get him right and the best out of him or put him on the bench, where is finds himself. He couldn't do anything about a transfer or sale until January it just couldn't happen on principle alone, at least in my opinion. Would have sent a terrible message while Torres/Kuyt/Gerrard were still on holiday pondering their future. Afterall, everything on film and world cup suggested Jovanovic was a very good player... AND maybe still will be, though time isn't on his side, especially after this interview..

    • Seems to me this is a lad who is used to being a big fish in a very tiny fish bowl, while now he's feeling like a minow in very big ocean. What troubles me the most is the coment about being expected to defend. I'm fine with a player not being happy about not starting, if anyone is happy to be riding the bench and collecting a pay packet then I want them out. However not wanting to put the hard work in is not acceptable. Wingers track back, he needs to take a look at Kuyt on the other side of the pitch.

      However if he's willing to pull up his socks, then I think its a little early to judge him after just a couple months. The key is what is his attitude. But its up to him, and Roy to make the decisions. He may have been a Rafa pick, but Roy had every opportunity to decide whether he took him or not, and its up to the manager to either turn him around, or cash in.

    • Comments from pricks like these just goes to show the type of characters this club is attracting at the moment. We're meant to be a big club not a stepping stone.

      I just hope this comment is taken out of context.

    • I am unhappy with him and the rest of the team plus the manager too. He hasn't brought any new dimension to the team, anyway. He is useless.

      If i had to do a big clearout, he'd be part of the garbage offload... plus the manager.

    • Like us lot hes peeved at how crap we are and wants to go lol. If hes that botherd about going let him go. He ain't that great...Oh waite a moment neather are the rest of them.