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  • Jason Jason Oct 3, 2010 01:20 Flag

    Van de vart

    He's been a tremendous signing, and been out of his mind in form lately, surely would have no matter where he went, but since we brought in Meireles and Cole along with having Gerrard already, where would he have played? Surely out of position like left wing or right wing. Roy is always going to start Poulsen I fear, so that means that Cole/Meireles or Van de Vaart would always play in an uncomfortable role.. Plus I'm sure if we had an interest, London and Champions League would take preference

    In essence he'd be playing as poorly in a red shirt as the rest of them. Too many like for like players in the same positions, and the wrong ones playing in the wrong positions..

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    • We don't have that many GOOD players that VDV could not have been played in his perfect position. And what a bonus his left foot would have been.
      What we don't seemingly have is a manager with a bit of imagination or creativity or confidence in the bunch he has inherited - or maybe he's just plain lacking any cohunas.
      We could quite easily have found room for VDV in our current squad and taken a page or two from Harry's Spurs playbook at the same time. His book is basically a 10 page bible and on each page, in big bold letters it says ATTACK!!!!!!
      So, we could be fielding a lineup something like this
      Bench: Jones, Darby, Soto, Meireles, Lucas, Pacheco, ?Kuyt?
      The two full backs to mostly stay back and defend - their primary duty. Width to come form Johno and Cole. Four in midfield, all with a license to roam and get at the opposition. Two pronged attack because, quite frankly playing a lone striker we look totally cr@p. When N'gog finally came on against Sunderland we actually looked in with a chance of stealing all three points. No cioncidence, that. Their defence went almost to pieces having to defend against two strikers.
      PS: That woeful draw against Sunderland - how bad does it look now after seing the Mancs prety mucfh outplayed for about 80% of the game? Even AF admitted as much.

    • Well in the last two matches he's started on the right when he's defending, and then coming inside behind Crouch and Pavlyuchenko and roaming around when they're in possesion. Having said that Spurs often use that kind of combination, with one wide player like Modric, vdV and Kranjcar coming infield and the other being a pacy winger like Lennon and Bale, which we don't have.