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  • ajay ajay Oct 3, 2010 18:23 Flag

    Van de vart

    We don't have that many GOOD players that VDV could not have been played in his perfect position. And what a bonus his left foot would have been.
    What we don't seemingly have is a manager with a bit of imagination or creativity or confidence in the bunch he has inherited - or maybe he's just plain lacking any cohunas.
    We could quite easily have found room for VDV in our current squad and taken a page or two from Harry's Spurs playbook at the same time. His book is basically a 10 page bible and on each page, in big bold letters it says ATTACK!!!!!!
    So, we could be fielding a lineup something like this
    Bench: Jones, Darby, Soto, Meireles, Lucas, Pacheco, ?Kuyt?
    The two full backs to mostly stay back and defend - their primary duty. Width to come form Johno and Cole. Four in midfield, all with a license to roam and get at the opposition. Two pronged attack because, quite frankly playing a lone striker we look totally cr@p. When N'gog finally came on against Sunderland we actually looked in with a chance of stealing all three points. No cioncidence, that. Their defence went almost to pieces having to defend against two strikers.
    PS: That woeful draw against Sunderland - how bad does it look now after seing the Mancs prety mucfh outplayed for about 80% of the game? Even AF admitted as much.

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