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  • Is it really his fault?.................

    No money, squad not performing, players unsure of their future, others wanting to go but not allowed.............welcome to our world and before you go on about liverpool being a bigger club etc, etc...look at Leeds, Forest, us......its a change of owners, money and new players needed not a knife in the back of Hodgson.....wake up to it, you are in the same shyte as a lot of well known clubs and no one is immune nowdays......Change manager...well we went from Zola to Grant and it aint no quick fix....West ham are also a club who like to keep hold of their managers btw...

    I do wish you luck....im not a Liverpool hater....but tradition dont pay the bills......



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    • Its a good point, but I also think we have to ask ourselves, and need to put aside the results to do this, what has Roy done right, and what has he got wrong, and therefore could anyone have done better.

      First off I agree with you that it’s not all down to the manager, and a simple change of the gaffer is not going to do much. Even if we could attract a really great manager right now, which I don't think we can until the ownership issue is sorted, could they have done much better. Just look at the transfers this summer. We trade in the Argentine captain who was wanted by top clubs in Spain and Italy, and replaced by Poulson. We can blame Roy for picking Poulson as an individual, but it’s not his fault he's being asked to shop at a tier down from the players he's selling. Of course the same thing can be said for Rafa when replacing Alonso, with Aqua. These maybe good players, but should only be considered squad players for a serious top 4 club.

      However, most of us knew going into this season, and many of us have known for a while that budgets were tight, and we were always playing Cinderella compared with the real haves of the prem. But Roy was supposed to be the man who could motivate players, and get the most out of them. But so far the motivation the squad is playing with shows shall I say a little lacking.

      I'll accept that mistakes can happen as new players are brought in and a new system is adopted. But what I can't accept is a team that shows little fight even when going behind. I remember going down 2 nil to Hull not so long ago, and a team that had the fight to pull out a result. We've got a squad full of regular internationals, and they were playing against essentially championship players. It’s not a question of quality; it’s a question of tactics, and motivation. Rafa was supposedly the man who had great tactics but no man management. Well yesterday seems Roy showed us he's lacking in both.

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      • dsteer...I think its about time we gave some credit to Blackpool FC ...they came to Anfield determined to play attractive football and succeeded wildly by doing so they DIDNT like many before them simply try to get 10 men behind the ball and park the bus for a point .
        Ian Holloway s strategy is to go for broke home and away irrespective of the opposition and go for the three pointsin that quest he has plenty of firepôwer at his disposal and is prepared to put four known strikers up front to get his way and it seems to be working out. Shame Roy doesnt take a leaf out of his book throw caution tot he wind and just see if it might get points on the board ...btw when I suggested early this season that Ian Holoway might be the MAN for us my post was ridiculed for even suggesting such......Slice of HUMBLE PIE for any of those out there who scoffed back then ? Good luck to Blackpool for rest of season from one Reds fan who did appreciate their ...STYLE.

      • " Of course the same thing can be said for Rafa when replacing Alonso, with Aqua. These maybe good players, but should only be considered squad players for a serious top 4 club."

        Since when did we start paying £18m for squad players? Yes it is less than what we sold Alonso for but we have never been in a position to spend £18m on a "squad" player. He was just a bad buy in the end, simple as that.

    • Hodgson managing a great club like Liverpool is quite sad. It's like Iain Dowie becoming manager of Brazil.

      I've always said it - Liverpool need new owners, players and of course a new manager.

      Even Mourinho would struggle at Anfield.

    • lol, silly sod............



    • A good and honest post, but Roy ain't our man..