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    Hodgson should resign...POLL

    I know all the other threads are discussing this same topic. I would like to take a poll and see how many people share the view that Woy should either pack-up on his own, or he should be pushed out... Just post a Yes if you want him out, or No if you think he should stay longer.....

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    • It appears that Hodgson is to be given a chance, by the new owners. How ever, it looks like they won't run with him, if our bad streak continue's. Sadly MON, and Jurgen klinsmann are front runners ahead of King Kenny, this saddens me on what so far has been a good day...


      I feel I speak for most Liverpool fans....FIRE Roy Hodgson, as he does not have the tactical ability and testicular fornitude to carry this great institution to the top level of the football elite. And install a manager of the calibre of Jose Mourinho, Guus Hiddink, Frank Rjikaard, or Manual Pelligrini.

    • Yeah, it's me. Looks like we'll be having new owners so guess we can start discussing something happier.

    • Hodgson should go, either voluntarily or be sacked and my retionale is simple - no matter what financial crisis we have at Liverpool, our squard is fully capable of beating teams like Blackpool! Come on, before the lost last weekend, we crashed out in the League Cup to minnow and drew in the Europa Cup. Talking about embarassment. The team needed a reaction but failed. That is manager's fault.

      From a management viewpoint, the question is not who we replace him with, but give him a deadline to deal with the problem or start packing. If we lose to Everton this weekend, we should have his P45 on his desk first thing Monday morning!

    • Yeah should of said Rexy, not Daniel.

    • No mysteron go back and read the post(s) again. It was the person I was replying to who said that. I was saying that it is his fault.

    • Thanks, I'm frustrated it, but calling it like I see it. I don't know why he's doing it, he's trying to put square pegs in round holes and create something special rather than keeping thing simple and then letting fate play out.

      His interview today on the LFC website, he actually not on purpose, admits that he tried doing these things and then moved the aforementioned players to their positions, and that occured in the final 10-15 where we dominated the control and offered our only real chances to tie or win. (Cole in the center, Meireles to the middle, Kuyt to the right, Jovanovic on the left, POULSEN OFF (earlier though) ) This is the best line up, and perhaps a winning lineup. 4-4-1-1 or 4-3-3. Cole as cam, meireles cm, kuyt rw, jova or babel lw. They're not the dream players, but they're the players we have and the right ones for the right positions. Simple as that, he can tinker in practice and play in the January market, but if he gets it this wrong at Goodison we will get smashed 4-0 and I can only imagine what will happen at Chelsea!

    • You were saying that he is stuck with johnson, soto, agger, babel, etc. I disagree if he was unhappy with any player Daniel, he should of been busier in the window. He should not of been stuck, that shows ineptness.

    • Good post Jason imo. Question is, when it is obvious to all on here that too many are being played out of position, why does an experienced manager like Roy not see it? Beats me.

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