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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 4, 2010 07:07 Flag

    Hodgson should resign...POLL

    Ok ...............as a neutral I will ask you this..............................

    If RH goes, who comes in?................seems to me its a bit of a poisoned chalice at the moment............without stability on the financial front , without any new players for another 3 months....who is gonna come in and make it all better, seriously?

    If you find a demi God let me know ......................

    wishing you all the best


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    • Ironistic, I am a die-hard American LFC Supporter, but have only been on board w/ the squad since 2002/03, so don't know if my opinion here carries as much weight as the life longers, but I've watched european soccer since I was a little kid (actually supported Ajax and Newcastle because they were on my tv 20 years ago). I still watch almost all the EPL matches every weekend, alot of La Liga, Serie A, SPL, and some Ligue 1 so I try to think from a neutral perspective on alot of topics.

      I don't think aside from Kenny Dalglish there is anyone who would willingly jump at the chance, other than other coaches who want to just be associated with LFC but don't have nearly the credentials. 3 months ago, it was a fairly hot job target for alot of people, but the mess Roy and the team have created, make it so undesireable that the only person with enough guts, confidence or self arrogance that would take it with confidence would be Jose Mourinho and I have a better shot at getting the job than him coming in for the next 5 years or ever.

      A name I preferred from the very beginning who I believe is actually still available is Manuel Pellegrini, I don't know now that he would want it because anyone who takes it, is inheriting an ungodly mess and setting themself up for failure.

      In another thread, I was just being creative and imaginative and mentioned the name Ray Wilkins of Chelsea, I think he'd be great, but again it'd never happen. (sad that an asst. manager would turn down lfc, though they are the champions and may win Europe.

      So after a long winded response, I think until at least January or unless we fall to 20th with a really serious chance of relegation, Roy has to be the one to fix the mess he is part of and helped to create, though to be fair, players HAVE to step up. It's a lose lose situation really... IMO If it were a video game, it might be a different story.