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  • Jason Jason Oct 4, 2010 08:20 Flag

    Hodgson should resign...POLL

    He's never going to resign during the season, even if we go into the 38th match on 1 win, so he'd have to get sacked.

    For it to possibly make any sense or work out at all, it would have to happen now, today (here in the US) tomorrow for you lads, and we would have to, in theory have an excellent "coach in waiting" assistant coach which in Sammy Lee, we don't. So then by defacto, the only man who would jump at the chance probably would be Dalglish. And this would have to be IMMEDIATELY. The only way it becomes positive, is the "wow" factor. I think so many players would feel honored and in awe of Kenny in the locker room, they'd eat dog sh-t and run into a brick wall if he told them to, so maybe he could very quickly impose some sort of style on them. Will this happen, probably not, we're going to have to ride it out with Roy at least for the forseeable future.

    Just food for thought, one of the managers I wanted ahead of Roy was Pellegrini, who was interested, took Real Madrid to a record number of league points and has as good and better record than Roy as well as an understanding of the Spanish and South American footballers in the squad or who would have been interested in joining. I think we would have fared better with him and missed out, though I can't prove that obviously.

    Just to throw a wild name out there that would intrigue me, and this is the American Football way of thinking... Ray Wilkins from Chelsea.. Would he leave ... maybe? Could he do it..maybe? He certainly has been well groomed working next to Ancellotti and I believe some time with Mourinho? He understands winning, attacking and defense being with the Champions and he often does some of the coaching and speaking as if he is THE manager of Chelsea. This is just a speculative, creative thought, I know it wouldn't probably happen, just thinking of what this club needs. A young, energetic, enthusiastic manager who can balance discipline and man management. Rafa had one trait, Roy has another, neither had both.

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