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  • Jason Jason Oct 5, 2010 10:26 Flag

    Hodgson should resign...POLL

    Daniel and Dsteer are correct on most fronts here, as he was hired with ample time in the summer in which to evaluate the current squad and scout other players at the same time. It's not like Mark Hughes who had far less time, and less money and has actually done better with vastly less, and the same even for the interim manager at Aston Villa and now Gerrard Houllier, both of those teams seem to be doing just fine by their own respective standards. Fulham in a good position to be in the top half, Villa in top 6 always within a reasonable shout of top 4.

    Roy wanted to spend so much more time evaluating his squad in training for the players who weren't involved in the world cup, or very far in the world cup and he should have been well aware of what the World Cup players should be capable of. He knew very early on Mascherano wasn't going to stay and could have acted immediately and got that amount of money from Barca or Inter and purchased a real def mid from any number of teams, and I could name any amount of players, but instead he chose to pick a player who is barely average at best but he knew from year's past. The only difference between Poulsen and Lucas, is Poulsen can occasionally tackle the player in the opposing uniform and a yellow card every other game.

    He said that Daniel Pacheco the star of the u-19 Championships for Spain would get a shot, as would Babel. I know how everyone feels about Babel, but couldn't he at least be worth a spot on the bench and offer some pace or something real on the left? And when has Pacheco been given this chance, I'm still waiting? They're good enough for us to be 5-1-0 in Europa, but not good enough to play a part in home matches to likes of Sunderland, Northampton and fcuking BLACKPOOL at Anfield?? We were already thin at left back and although Insua was not the model of excellence, he was only 20, he nearly played every minute of every match and probably could be turned good, but instead he chose to once again ship the player out and replace him with an inferior older player in Konchesky who he knows, and that, like Poulsen does not make you good enough based on what you achieved together 3-4 years ago.

    Then he went out and made a great, shock purchase of a highly rated player in Meirles and plays him on the right wing where he's never played a minute in his professional life. He is another Xabi Alonso with more atheticism and speed and he'll rot away on the right and people will slate him, yet he actually is a class player and starter for #3 ranked team in the world according to Fifa. Also, I myself and everyone on here was very excited and now thoroughly disappointed in Jovanovic, but since he has had trouble at left wing, why not at least give him a chance as a left footed attacker where his highlite reels show him turning people inside out for Standard and Serbia? I'm not saying it would happen but it could.

    Not putting players in the position to succeed is the manager's fault. Putting players in the right position and them not performing is their own fault. This team has enough veterans and class players to figure out what to do, but if their position is foreign to them, and their tactics unclear they won't do anything right and that's not all on them. I'd say the problem is 75/25 Roy. Yes many players are not good enough, or performing good enough, but this team is still better than the sh-t we are sitting next to in the bottom half of the table, even without Torres. And how can anyone justify or rationalize that Ngog isn't good enough or needs to be shipped out? He's got 7 goals in all competitions, and has looked more threatening and likely to score than my hero Torres and he's still only 21? We'd be stuck with Kuyt/Babel and ...Kyrgiakos?? There's a difference between opinion and reality... get real with some of this crap