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  • RonJ RonJ Oct 4, 2010 20:10 Flag

    Hodgson should resign...POLL

    YES.....he should never have been appointed in the first place

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    • I am proud to say that I for one fought in RB corner all the way, I agree with Robert and if the truth be known my heart says "Sack him" but my head agrees with Robert and we have to put with this until at least our club is sold.
      Roy was only bought in because he is a Yes man, and that is what he is doing, trying to keep every one happy even though it is total shambles on the field.
      I also think we had plenty of good players but Roy has lost some already and fear that we will lose some in January (unless club is sold to new owners).
      For now as I said in a previous post that was anti RB "careful what you wish for it may come true".