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    Hodgson should resign...POLL

    I know all the other threads are discussing this same topic. I would like to take a poll and see how many people share the view that Woy should either pack-up on his own, or he should be pushed out... Just post a Yes if you want him out, or No if you think he should stay longer.....

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    • yes resign

    • Still no, but moving very close to the undecided column.

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      • Roy should stay.

        Was it his fault that we were stuck with a right back who couldn't defend, a left back who wasn't a left back, a centre back who, despite scoring a goal, could barely outrun my grandmother, a defensive midfielder who had always been ordinary at most, a disgruntled left winger who thought he was too good to be benched, a young striker who was only good enough to warm the bench, another striker who was played at right midfield for the past 5 years and a 12mil winger/striker who was forever realizing his potential?

        With all these problems, do you think it's an easy job to motivate our key players such as Gerrard and Torres, especially when Gerrard now had to shoulder a whole lot more defensive duties while Torres no longer had Gerrard behind him all the time?

        I was so devastated after our loss to Blackpool and at that moment I would have been thrilled if Roy was sacked at half time. But now that I've got a day or two to digest the emotions, I believe that he's at least more deservedly to be part of our Liverpool FC than 80% of our players. During this nightmare of time, it takes a miracle worker to heal our team overnight and it's just unfair to give up on him yet only because he's not Moses.

    • He'll probably resign/get sacked after the Everton defeat next week. I'm guessing Dalglish will take over after that.

    • YES.....he should never have been appointed in the first place

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      • I am proud to say that I for one fought in RB corner all the way, I agree with Robert and if the truth be known my heart says "Sack him" but my head agrees with Robert and we have to put with this until at least our club is sold.
        Roy was only bought in because he is a Yes man, and that is what he is doing, trying to keep every one happy even though it is total shambles on the field.
        I also think we had plenty of good players but Roy has lost some already and fear that we will lose some in January (unless club is sold to new owners).
        For now as I said in a previous post that was anti RB "careful what you wish for it may come true".

    • It appears that Hodgson is to be given a chance, by the new owners. How ever, it looks like they won't run with him, if our bad streak continue's. Sadly MON, and Jurgen klinsmann are front runners ahead of King Kenny, this saddens me on what so far has been a good day...

    • Ok ...............as a neutral I will ask you this..............................

      If RH goes, who comes in?................seems to me its a bit of a poisoned chalice at the moment............without stability on the financial front , without any new players for another 3 months....who is gonna come in and make it all better, seriously?

      If you find a demi God let me know ......................

      wishing you all the best


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      • Ironistic, I am a die-hard American LFC Supporter, but have only been on board w/ the squad since 2002/03, so don't know if my opinion here carries as much weight as the life longers, but I've watched european soccer since I was a little kid (actually supported Ajax and Newcastle because they were on my tv 20 years ago). I still watch almost all the EPL matches every weekend, alot of La Liga, Serie A, SPL, and some Ligue 1 so I try to think from a neutral perspective on alot of topics.

        I don't think aside from Kenny Dalglish there is anyone who would willingly jump at the chance, other than other coaches who want to just be associated with LFC but don't have nearly the credentials. 3 months ago, it was a fairly hot job target for alot of people, but the mess Roy and the team have created, make it so undesireable that the only person with enough guts, confidence or self arrogance that would take it with confidence would be Jose Mourinho and I have a better shot at getting the job than him coming in for the next 5 years or ever.

        A name I preferred from the very beginning who I believe is actually still available is Manuel Pellegrini, I don't know now that he would want it because anyone who takes it, is inheriting an ungodly mess and setting themself up for failure.

        In another thread, I was just being creative and imaginative and mentioned the name Ray Wilkins of Chelsea, I think he'd be great, but again it'd never happen. (sad that an asst. manager would turn down lfc, though they are the champions and may win Europe.

        So after a long winded response, I think until at least January or unless we fall to 20th with a really serious chance of relegation, Roy has to be the one to fix the mess he is part of and helped to create, though to be fair, players HAVE to step up. It's a lose lose situation really... IMO If it were a video game, it might be a different story.

    • What is the point of him resigning?
      Until we get a decent squad no manager is going to be able to provide us with either decent football or the sort of results we have come to expect.
      And that ain't going to happen until the septic tanks - no offense Dave and any other US supporters we have on here - are SHOWN DOWN THE ROAD to coin a favourite phrase from last year.

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      • He's never going to resign during the season, even if we go into the 38th match on 1 win, so he'd have to get sacked.

        For it to possibly make any sense or work out at all, it would have to happen now, today (here in the US) tomorrow for you lads, and we would have to, in theory have an excellent "coach in waiting" assistant coach which in Sammy Lee, we don't. So then by defacto, the only man who would jump at the chance probably would be Dalglish. And this would have to be IMMEDIATELY. The only way it becomes positive, is the "wow" factor. I think so many players would feel honored and in awe of Kenny in the locker room, they'd eat dog sh-t and run into a brick wall if he told them to, so maybe he could very quickly impose some sort of style on them. Will this happen, probably not, we're going to have to ride it out with Roy at least for the forseeable future.

        Just food for thought, one of the managers I wanted ahead of Roy was Pellegrini, who was interested, took Real Madrid to a record number of league points and has as good and better record than Roy as well as an understanding of the Spanish and South American footballers in the squad or who would have been interested in joining. I think we would have fared better with him and missed out, though I can't prove that obviously.

        Just to throw a wild name out there that would intrigue me, and this is the American Football way of thinking... Ray Wilkins from Chelsea.. Would he leave ... maybe? Could he do it..maybe? He certainly has been well groomed working next to Ancellotti and I believe some time with Mourinho? He understands winning, attacking and defense being with the Champions and he often does some of the coaching and speaking as if he is THE manager of Chelsea. This is just a speculative, creative thought, I know it wouldn't probably happen, just thinking of what this club needs. A young, energetic, enthusiastic manager who can balance discipline and man management. Rafa had one trait, Roy has another, neither had both.

    • Thanks, I'm frustrated it, but calling it like I see it. I don't know why he's doing it, he's trying to put square pegs in round holes and create something special rather than keeping thing simple and then letting fate play out.

      His interview today on the LFC website, he actually not on purpose, admits that he tried doing these things and then moved the aforementioned players to their positions, and that occured in the final 10-15 where we dominated the control and offered our only real chances to tie or win. (Cole in the center, Meireles to the middle, Kuyt to the right, Jovanovic on the left, POULSEN OFF (earlier though) ) This is the best line up, and perhaps a winning lineup. 4-4-1-1 or 4-3-3. Cole as cam, meireles cm, kuyt rw, jova or babel lw. They're not the dream players, but they're the players we have and the right ones for the right positions. Simple as that, he can tinker in practice and play in the January market, but if he gets it this wrong at Goodison we will get smashed 4-0 and I can only imagine what will happen at Chelsea!


      I feel I speak for most Liverpool fans....FIRE Roy Hodgson, as he does not have the tactical ability and testicular fornitude to carry this great institution to the top level of the football elite. And install a manager of the calibre of Jose Mourinho, Guus Hiddink, Frank Rjikaard, or Manual Pelligrini.

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