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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 5, 2010 22:58 Flag

    LFC WHINGERS - Change your TUNE

    Yeah i'm quite aware of the wasted money at Anfield and that we have been on the edge for quite some time. Nothing new there mate. As for Man Utd you didn't give a time scale of money spent by any team named. And if Chelski were on the up the extra money given surely gave them a helping hand up don't ya think?

    I know you didn't mention Barca i did. And they are on the up because of the money spent. But unlike some mentioned have spent it wisely i'd say over all.

    Only time will tell with Liverpool what the future holds for them. A solid base to work from would not go a miss. And it is by no means a given thing that money will bring back the glory days. But it wouldn't go a miss now would it.

    Most of the things you say wouldn't take a rocket scientist to work out P&S. But i would agree with 75% of what you say.