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  • ANDREW ANDREW Oct 6, 2010 07:23 Flag

    Feeling Sorry for JOE COLE

    Does anyone deserve to play for Liverpool at the moment? Let alone watch em' lol.

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    • I feel sorry for the fans who were conned (well I wasn't) by Roy Hodgson who was never good enough to be appointed our manager, who felt compelled to make a 'fan pleasing' signing, rather than someone we absolutely needed, and Joe Cole fitted the bill.

      Robert is right, Cole priced himself out of Chelsea, which recent history shows is just about impossible to do, and needed a club to come in for him who were deperate and a manager stupid enough to sanction the move.

      Joe Cole is injury prone, too slow to take advantage of his tricks and turns as he's never had that yard of pace you need at the top level, he has rarely been a 1st 11 player for Chelsea, and time will find he doesn't become so for us. So I don't feel sorry for him at all.

      On the title front, it doesn't matter how many titles you've won, John O'Shea has won loads, it doesn';t make him a better player than Gerrard.