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  • OLD DOG OLD DOG Oct 6, 2010 14:42 Flag

    So the first big step out of the doom and gloom

    Jason, has anything been said about a new stadium, and money for the manager?

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    • The only thing I can tell you, is that Henry has all the financial means to clear the debt and help raise the club in the right direction as he did with the Boston Red Sox. They were an average team going nowhere, and he has brought them 2 titles in 5 years.

      It is said that the person who will be chosen to purchase the club will not be allowed to do so with intent on purchasing on the cheap and that they must have the means to help with the debt, which Henry is said to be ready to do, and the requirements by Broughton, Purslow and Ayre are that the buying party must be commited to moving forward with kick starting the stadium, so based on that he has met the first main 2 criteria needed. The third, obviously the one we all want to hear is that he will make billions available for players, however, that information is not being given yet as the debt will be cleared first, then the stadium situation evaluated.

      It is said that the person who will take over is looking at a 1 billion pound investment to turn everything about the club around, debt, stadium and players. Henry and his American Sports ventures are extremely successful and have the funds needed, so if Broughton Purslow and Ayre have in fact agreed and chosen him, I think in due time we will hear more about player investments. For now, I can understand them taking it 1 step at a time.. debt first, the 2 yank liars out. I understand and have some skepticism myself, but it must be said that he is a good man, and it will be nice to see hicks and gillette see their way out the door...