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  • Jason Jason Oct 6, 2010 20:50 Flag

    So the first big step out of the doom and gloom

    Here's a great article for everyone to read, and it supports my theory that this will unfortunately not be a 2 year rags to riches turnaround story, as Henry is not like Sheik Mansour and his billions, but rather a multi millionaire who a very intelligent, shrewd man with an understanding sports, history and a winning pedigree:

    Another great thing noted in the article, which I hadn't even thought of, is aside from Americans like myself who love Liverpool or any other European football club, the United States is very much a largely untapped, rich pool of money in which Liverpool can reach all time new heights of popularity and new funds. Instead of all the stupid pre-season tours across the Swiss Alps and Asia, I can hope and forsee Liverpool making extended summer training camps over here, and competing with the likes of Ac Milan, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, etc. This can bring in more commercial and merchandising revenue than the club has ever seen. John Henry has the opportunity to do something special, and make one of the most historic purchases in sports history! I'm very excited, I have no choice but to be.. Hopefully he doesn't make me and other educated Americans look stupid for praising him, I don't believe he will.

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    • I don't need instant success, just a road map to ensure future success. We waited 20 years already, so another 2 years won't matter, as long as I see gradual progression, new players coming in, developing youngsters, getting the new staidium built.....YNWA