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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 6, 2010 21:46 Flag

    So the first big step out of the doom and gloom

    I echo alot of what Jason says good owners in the red sox we will get...Don't expect a new stadium though the Red Sox are all about tradition and history they will want to renovate Anfield to preserve this which shows they understand and respect history. They also understand that you have to spend to win and are also a great merchandising company with the skill and business plan to bring in cash. Boston are one of the best supported teams in the Baseball world including South America so should bring many more fans into our fold....Hey Jason I see you are a Yankees fan so Fcuk you.....Just kiddin I am a huge Sox fan.... he is right Yankees Vs Red Sox is akin to Man U LFC I cannot stand the Yankees as I cannot stand Man U so they understand how important it is for us to get back on track...The owner of the Red Sox also has an ego he stated very clearly a few years back his only goal was to bring the championship to Fenway and he did. Just my opinion but I do not think we can go far wrong with Henry......