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  • Jason Jason Oct 7, 2010 02:05 Flag

    So the first big step out of the doom and gloom

    This is the most painful experience and memory I have ever had to endure in my entire sporting life, and I wanted to share with all of you so those of you who are excited about the new owner can understand how he put together a team that shows his passion on the field, and for those of you that are doubting he will have any understanding of what passion LFC and other football fans have for their teams to understand that cannot be the case. For him to have not done his homework and understand the history, and expectations of English Premeir League Football, and the rivalries is just ludicrous considering the amount of money he's had to hand out up front just to get involved, in the truly unknown.

    It is a fact here in America, that New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox is the biggest, longest standing, fiercest and most hated rivalry in all of sports. Until John Henry came on and helped rebuild the Red Sox, this rivalry had largely become a one sided affair, and I have to be fair in saying I hate them more than anything, so the fact that I've been sharing information of this ownership in a positive light must say something right? To think I'm about to share this clip with you makes me sick, but I want you to understand what a rivalry is all about.

    Quick synopsis for those who don't follow the game, in order to advance to the world series, each league has to play a best of 7 championship series to advance. First team to win 4 moves through, the games rotate from each teams venue in this order, 2-2,1-1-1, obviously if there is a 4 game "sweep" in the 2 home and away the remaining 3 aren't needed so you sit and wait for your opponent from the other league to meet you in th world series. Never ever in the history of baseball in over 100 years has any team ever recovered from a 3-0 series deficit to overturn it and advance to the world series, having said that, en route to Boston's first world championship in 86 years, that is exactly what John Henry's re-built Red Sox did to my Yankees and did it by winning game 7 in Yankees Stadium. This would be the equivalent to us, Liverpool, beating Manchester United 3 times in a row in a week, every other day, and then winning a deciding match in Old Trafford in front of the whole world to see and doing it. This hurts me so badly, you can't even know, but I'm here as a Liverpool fan and to help provide something truly inspiring and positive as we are still in the midst of on the field meltdown and going into new ownership and the unknown. But this is what it's all about, and if John Henry can do what I think he can do in helping us rebuild at Anfield then so be it: (WHY ME??)
    If for some reason you can't follow the link it's called:
    ESPN 30 for 30 - Four Days in October Trailer

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