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  • Hobsey Hobsey Oct 6, 2010 06:06 Flag

    So the first big step out of the doom and gloom

    Lfc have officially announced that the club have received two satisfactory bids that are financially superb for the club, new directors are being appointed as we await legal issues. Sky sports news are rumouring that one party is the red sox!

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    • Correct, they are very good and loyal fans. Regardless of me liking the Yankees or not, I've tried to provide as thorough and honest information I can as I've seen it over here on tv, radio, internet etc. I have to admit a few of my friends have already seen the news and busted my chops (fellow yankee fans, we're all born in ny), and saying now I have to root for the sox, which of course I don't. All I have to do is hope their owner and majority party remain financially stable and committed to doing the same job they've done in Boston, simple as that.

      Of course they will want to make money, that's what any investor wants to do, but let's face it, Mr. Henry has surely done his homework to see the damage the cowboys have done and the amount of water the sinking ship has begun to take on, so the only way he's making money is by making us successful and feared again by winning trophies and championships. He makes plenty of money already from tickets,jerseys, hats etc with his Sox, but kinows that money only got big by returning them to prominence, because 10 years ago half the fans weren't paying a dime for anything while they were only an afterthought chasing so far behind the "Yankees and other top teams. Money brings success, and success brings money... H&G never tried to grasp that or even cared really.

    • I'd only add one thing to what Jason is saying, and that is I think its fair to say that Boston Red Sox fans are among the most loyal and ferocious in all of major league baseball. Not sure if that is something a Yankees fan like Jason can say out loud but I'm sure privately he'd agree.

      Our prospective new owners may not yet understand the passion that Liverpool fans have, but they should be no strangers to fans that know their club, and are willing to speak up when they are not happy. They also should know what its like to have stewardship over something much more than just a sports team. Red Sox fans throughout New England see it much more than just a baseball team, but a pillar or institution.

      Who knows what the new owners motives are, and I'm sure as businessmen they want to make money, but at least for now I'm going to stay optimistic. I'd also hope that people put away the fear of being owned by yet another group of American's and realize that shady cowboys and like H&G can be found in all countries, but are not necessarily indicative of all American sports businessmen.

    • Sorry to be VERY sceptical about this, but surely selling to MORE SEPTICS is like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Haven't we learned anything about selling the club for the money.Yanks know jack s**t about football and are only interested in lining their own pockets, and so why should these new yanks be any different from the old yanks. Money without understanding and love of the club just isn't right. I am VERY nervous about this news.

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      • KPOK whoever buys any club nowadays is not there because they are supporters alone, it is because they see a profit at the end of it, after all isn't that what buying a business is about?
        What we can hope for is that we get owners that are passionate about winning on the field and off, this way it will ensure that we are marketed in the best way as well as owned by owners who may not understand football but understand that they need to Invest to win on the field thus making us an even more marketable club/sport. Football is on the up in USA so a massive market to attack.
        Now the difference between H&G and the new owners is that H&G are poor business men playing in a rich man's playground with the hope that they would be able to rape & pillage our LFC the same way they have done clubs in the states. They have no history of success, opposed to Henry who does his talking with actions rather than words.

    • Sorry, weird Yahoo message board foibles...

    • So you can't see the benfit of an additional 20000 ticket sales per home game?

    • So you can't see the benfit of an additional 20000 ticket sales per home game?

    • Regards whether or not they build a new stadium I don´t consider that a number one priority. Blackpool made the premier league with a stadium far inferior to Anfield. Today´s game is about world tv viewing rights, marketing and merchandising etc rather than the difference between 48,000 and 70,000 at home games. If Hendry wants to revamp Anfield and boost revenues by marketing in America, great by me. Once we are league champs then we can think about bigger stadiums but let´s see what the new owners can do to get us moving up the table first. A very encouraging day for LFC and well done Broughton and co imo.

    • You've put my mind at ease Jason, it's been a long day, i'v been up since the news started breaking. Yep, i would prefere to stay at anfield, but find it difficult to see how we can turn it into a 60,000 seater, its location and surrounding streets would make it a difficult proposal to get through planning IMO. (but we will see) I just wish we could get Kenny in place as manager A.S.A.P. and let the new Liverpool era begin in style.. fingers crossed.. Y.N.W.A.

    • They're not speaking or writing about that part of this story so much here in the states, because that whole dynamic of Hicks and Gillette, the RBS, Administration etc etc., are all completely foreign to most Americans.

      I can tell you for quite certainty the deal is done, the debts will be re-paid and then the first order of business will be to either make plans to rennovate Anfield, which makes me very happy since I've never been there, and I'm sure you all would prefer to keep it as well. Shortly thereafter, discussions of player funds will probably begin.

      My knowledge and understanding of the situation tells me, or makes me confidently assume, that the 2 Yanks (not my NY Yankees) will continue to try and do everything possible and in doing so they will be unsuccessful failures and embarass themselves even more in the process, not to mention they stand to lose millions of dollars versus what they could have walked away with. I'm going on a limb and saying at this point they are but a bump in the road at this point, and John Henry's and his ownership group will run them right over.

      You have to admit, it's sort of funny that we've now got an arrogant and confident American who's actually coming in to prove and win things and in doing so, destroying two fellow Americans in the process. It's safe to say, Henry will never be at Hicks house for dinner and drinks!

      Say goodbye and good riddance to Hicks and Gillette, I'm all but certain there's nothing they can do, but embarass themselves further and cry about it.. Happy Days ahead!

    • I echo alot of what Jason says good owners in the red sox we will get...Don't expect a new stadium though the Red Sox are all about tradition and history they will want to renovate Anfield to preserve this which shows they understand and respect history. They also understand that you have to spend to win and are also a great merchandising company with the skill and business plan to bring in cash. Boston are one of the best supported teams in the Baseball world including South America so should bring many more fans into our fold....Hey Jason I see you are a Yankees fan so Fcuk you.....Just kiddin I am a huge Sox fan.... he is right Yankees Vs Red Sox is akin to Man U LFC I cannot stand the Yankees as I cannot stand Man U so they understand how important it is for us to get back on track...The owner of the Red Sox also has an ego he stated very clearly a few years back his only goal was to bring the championship to Fenway and he did. Just my opinion but I do not think we can go far wrong with Henry......

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