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  • Jason Jason Oct 8, 2010 08:05 Flag

    Roy Hodgson will remain as Manager.

    Haven't got the go ahead, but since I've seen it in the news again just now figured I'd share so we can all divert away from the "sacking Hodgson" talk and posts... at least for the time being.

    Hodgson was assured his job is safe as the takeover reaches it's final stages, pending legalities.

    He is regarded as the ideal manager to lead the side into a very exciting new future.

    "We are extremely happy with this manager, who we believe is the right person to take this club forward"

    "We are enthusiastic about winning and investing in this team, stadium development and doing all the right things to move the club forward and return it to it's place among the elite teams in England and Europe.

    "We are going to be hands-on and have a proven, winning track record of that."

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    • Early days Jason of course but, how does a firm with the winning mentality reconcile the remark that Hodgson is the ideal candidate to take things forward I wonder? Do they know something we don´t about his "winning" track record? I think it´s just a placatory throw away and they will act sooner rather than later to replace him if things don´t rapidly pick up and prove him and Kuyt right.

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      • NESV would be a bunch of idiots if they said anything else. Roy won't be around long though, and hopefully not long enough to waste too much cash, as he's patently not the right man for the job, and to NESV the coach is all important. I have confidence assuming they take over (which I can only see happening through administration, as my view is the courts WILL block this sale) they'll recognise Roy isn't the man.