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  • Miguel Miguel Oct 8, 2010 19:46 Flag

    Roy Hodgson will remain as Manager.

    Early days Jason of course but, how does a firm with the winning mentality reconcile the remark that Hodgson is the ideal candidate to take things forward I wonder? Do they know something we don´t about his "winning" track record? I think it´s just a placatory throw away and they will act sooner rather than later to replace him if things don´t rapidly pick up and prove him and Kuyt right.

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    • NESV would be a bunch of idiots if they said anything else. Roy won't be around long though, and hopefully not long enough to waste too much cash, as he's patently not the right man for the job, and to NESV the coach is all important. I have confidence assuming they take over (which I can only see happening through administration, as my view is the courts WILL block this sale) they'll recognise Roy isn't the man.

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      • There is definitely a lot of unanswered questions at the moment. It seems weird that people of such high standing and with so much business experience and legal knowledge can both be so sure each other is in the wrong. No-one on here really knows how to react and everyone has gone very quiet, roll on next week.

      • The second part of your post is a judgment call, but the first part is spot on. NESV will do nothing to rock the boat until they know they have firm control over the club. Even then, assuming it comes either through the legal decision, or a direct purchase from RBS following foreclosure, my guess is that they won't rush into anything on Roy either way. I would hope they have a firm grasp of LFC based on a business/financial outlook, but from a footballing outlook they will look for advice before acting.