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    The Court Case

    A legal entity with no ties to the court case, speaking on terms of anonymity has weighed in with the following: (This may be produced, or already been circulated in the UK, if so, my apologies for redundant information).

    The court hearing is expected to last approximately 2 days, after all evidence reviewed. If the hearing, which is expected to go in favor of LFC s appealed by Hicks, the process could add an additional 72 hours, which would push it up to the Friday deadline. It is expected that should the original ruling go in favor of the club, the appeals process would simply be a ploy at delaying the inevitable and be a futile attempt and failure again by Hicks, with Liverpool / Broughton successful, and NESV to complete the sale.

    Though the cards look stacked in LFC favor, anything can happen, and should Hicks be successful, Liverpool apparently have a back up contingency plan, which they are not prepared to make publicly known until or unless needed.

    Fingers crossed everything is sorted quickly and painlessly Tuesday, and concluded Wednesday! I will celebrate with a nice tall pint of Carlsberg!

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    • Jesus man !

      Expecting immediate results from managers & squads that are among the highest paid in the world is the very least we deserve & you want to take a player with no coaching experience put him in charge for 5 years & expect us to sit on our hands for the duration ?

      I think I've heard it all now !!!!

      Dont forget that when Kenny was made manager he was considered the greatest British Player of all time of world renown & globally acknowledged as a footballing genius .

      Carra or any player since Kenny is hardly that .

    • I think Roy is guilty of not having a plan.

    • Not forgetting, that's why I said it’s been done before, with KK being the example. However I think he's the exception and most making the transition from playing to management would benefit from a stepping stone before taking on the hot seat and all the expectations that means.

      As for panic buys, I'd agree. Not necessarily blame Roy, or even managers before him. They've all lived on a diet so it’s difficult to really put a comprehensive plan together when you have to compromise on the ingredients. I don't expect loads of money if NESV becomes our owners, but I'm hoping for steady and predictable investment that whoever the manager is, they can build a plan around that will take us steadily in the right direction.

    • You are forgetting King Kenny, he was player/manager.
      Also the current way of panic buying, plugging the leaks with failures and the the last few high profile managers has been a roaring success, eh.

    • Sorry, also I reckon that he would be given time to impliment a 5 year plan, whereas as you have seen with Roy, we expect results straight away.

    • Its a bit of a leap from the first team to the managers hot seat, although that leap has been done before with success. I'd say either a spell with the academy lads, or the reserves, or a year or two with a lower league club to get his feet wet would not be a bad thing. There is no doubt he has the desire to go into management, and as you say many believe he's got the right attributes, but wanting to, and actually doing are two different things. However there is no doubting the fact that he'd bleed for the team even though he did start life off supporting that other club

    • Saw an interview with Kuyt once and he praised Carra's abilities and said he had a notion about him in the future. And then at his testamonial not long ago danny murphy spoke about him going into management. So that and he has the desire to succeed in him, I thought that was a good place to start.

    • Why Carra ?

      I've seen nothing outa Carra thats gonna concern Fergie , Eats-a-lotie or Arsend .
      Club Legend yes , internationally acclaimed Legend ? Footballing Genuis that commands respect & awe ?

      Hardly .

      I've heard it suggested before but no one ever backed the notion with plausibility .

    • I'm thinking build a management team on Carra.

    • Rafa had a touch of Shanks about him in regards single mindedness , vision & squad mentality but if its a 5 year plan ya want ?

      Houllier is yer man .

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