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  • i wish liverpool and their followers all the best and hope you come out of the darkness into the sunlight at last.....you have had many false dawns,as have we Spurs fans,but hopefully you will get an owner who CARES about the club....not just the bank balance..all the best....Football needs you

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    • As a football fan, I have been watching todays events with interest because is this what 'football' has come to? Bickering in court because these idiots have lost bucket loads of money and so are willing to destroy a club because they want the money back? How old are they??? It is 11 year old mentality of 'its my ball, and I'm taking it home'. YOUR BUSINESS VENTURE WAS A DISASTER and you only have yourselves to blame. You have already admitted breach of contract, so pack up and f**k off.
      This was never about you you muppets, its about a football club, and sadly, its about MY football club, but this could have happened to anyone, and if lessons are not learned about the culture that we live in, regarding 'money men', then this will not be the last. Yes, clubs have to generate money off the field in order to survive, but people seem to forget that these p****cks convinced the club that they were the right people for the club!!!!!. So?. Did the club do their homework, or did they just grab the first offer. I think history will show that the club were incredibly lapse. I DO NOT want to read about my club in the law courts, I want to read about successes on the pitch.Once these septics have gone, we will look back at the damage incurred, and shudder, because never forget, the club brought them in.

    • Cheers Derek, Wish you all the best too! but make the most of it, as we will be back. Again cheers for your thoughts.

    • Thanks Derek

    • DEREK W...begining to think there are a lot of Spurs fans who are genuine football enthusiasts and not just blinkered fanatics like most of the MANURE idiots who post on our board. Think Harry has been good for your lot ,certainly u could never be accused of being a side that generally goes away from home to get ten men behind the ball and park the bus for a point...u seem more of the Style of Blackpool FC who seemto be pleasing everyone up and down the country with their cavalier brand of allout attack going for all threepoints home and away.