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  • Woys biggest fan ! Woys biggest fan ! Oct 12, 2010 13:21 Flag

    Team to face Everton?

    I wouldn't start the super fragile , delicate Aurellio unless we are playing some limp wristed pixies from Europe .

    For me our Carra clone young Kelly is not just knocking on the first team door he is almost pounding it off its hinges , he has the heart of a lion & his match play is that of a 26/27 yr old Carra , not to put pressure on him but he looks like a future England captain to me . If hes fit ? Gotta let him play , even at LB . Let Konchesky settle & pay his dues from our bench , he has enough experience to do a job from there when needs be & after no more than 6 months of that I expect his distribution & temperament to be a high enough standard to be our 1'st choice .

    RB ? Johnson , no question or doubt , he is on the brink of greatness , Big , strong , fast & reliable in defense & is excellent going forward .Like a prime Rob Jones or Steve Finnan but on steroids .

    I like Kyriagkos , he takes no prisoners & is a win at all costs type of player but as our 1'st choice ass kicker ? Carra is the man .

    Its all well & good being able to attack the ball fearlessly but you have got to be able to play it out of defense too at LFC & Kyriagkos is 4'th choice CB because of his distribution & reading of the game , not particularly bad I'd have him on a par with Vidic at UTD , he just isnt as good as the others we have .

    For me Skrtel is a hairs breath away from being the best CB in Europe , his all round game is excellent & when he isn't curtailing his aggression is one of the most domineering complete CB's in the game .

    Agger also is on the bring of being world class . On his best day he reminds me of Hansen but his best days aren't close enough together for him to be up there with Hansen & Sami just yet. Once Agger nails his split second decision making process & his lapses in concentration become a thing of the past ? He is going to be one hell of a player .

    For me Carra & Skrtel have to start .

    For our 2 deep CM's Lucas has to start . He is a bed rock of composure , consistency & discipline with two full seasons handling the pressure in there . He is only improving with age .

    To his left I'd love to see Agger beside him .

    I wanted Agger in there instead of Lucas when Alonso left , I think the position is tailor made for him at this stage in his career especially with the quality of players we have around him .

    Our attacking 3 Midfielders ?

    Kuyt , Big G , with Cole on the left .

    Cole shouldn't have to be relied upon at this stage in his LFC career but that lazy P*ick Babel hasn't made an effort since he got here therefore the position is up for grabs (BUY STEWART DOWNING ! ) Cole has enough character to come in & do a professional job even if he is finding his feet or playing through a bad patch .

    G has to start behind Torres , no question or doubt .

    Together they are a proven 1+ goals per game partnership & its plain self defeat to tamper with something so good . They compliment each other so well that both are the best players in the world in their positions when playing together , G in particular can work miracles from there especially when the chips are down , What a Player !

    Kuyt on the right , consistent as the day is long & is very hard to pick up when he comes inside when we are delivering from the left , hes a very clever player at punishing loose bits & pieces in their box , rebounds , sloppy clearances & the like .

    I'd also start with King Kenny in charge , he would scare the sh*t outa Fergie & the rest of the league . He wouldn't just get us top 4 this season he would probably win us the cup & have us making life difficult for anyone above us come May .

    If anyone can remember Barnes on the left , Houghton on the right with Beardsley feeding either Aldridge or Rush in the middle ?

    Just imagine how much Cole , Torres , "G" & Kuyt would love playing for him .