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  • alex s alex s Oct 16, 2010 03:49 Flag

    Team to face Everton?

    don't agree mate , jovanovic is 6ft and looks rather strong!
    babel would offer more threat with his pace but doesn't give much deffensively & gives away the ball rather a lot !

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    • Agree to disagree, if that's ok, haha. I agree Babel closed control and first touch are often pretty poor and yes he does give it away, but alot of the same can be said of Jovanovic in the limited times he has played, and he's usually had to get pulled off around the 60" mark for just not contributing much. He does look bigger, but he's not stronger and in all honestly he had his worst game against West Brom @ Anfield, consistently just making direct runs or cutting inside to the middle and giving it away.

      I know he probably needs more time, and I think maybe he's best served playing as a Left Fwd in a 4-4-2 which he did at Standard, so wide left is not naturally his, but assuming he needs more time, I'd hate to waste an early sub or have him just outplayed on that side. We are splitting hairs though, I give Babel the slight advantage just on experience, sheer pace and his ability to crack a good shot. But believe me, he's no savior on that side either. I'm just thinking of a way to keep Cole central.

      Something Rafa used to do, that could possibly be ok for this one, if he were 100% fit, would be Aurelio as a left wing. Not incredibly fast or quick, but decent with the ball, defensively strong as a winger, and wicked ability to send in deliveries, which also adds trickery to set pieces with Gerrard. Won't happen but just another thought. I do think keep Maxi on the Right for certain, unless we all get this wish fulfilled of Glen on RW..

      I just want the 11 best players from practice on the pitch ready to perform.. If it's Jova fine, Babel fine, Pacheco fine.. I do NOT want to see Meireles on the RW. He can do it, but he should not do it!